CV 17: Press This Button On Your Body To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

CV 17 Press Button On Your Body Relieve Stress Anxiety

Owing to the location of the CV 17, it serves one more important purpose. Yes, add to the list, the fact that it helps to maintain a balance in the body.

It does so by balancing the yin (reflective, quiet) and yang (action-oriented, energetic) levels within the body. When the yin and yang levels are balanced, your emotional energy is balanced.

Also, a good balance between the yin and the yang levels ensures that your physical and emotional needs and senses are absolutely in sync.

All the deep breathing used in the CV 17 treatment, helps your body relax. When you apply pressure to the CV 17, it relieves you from stress and anxiety.

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Want to know something shocking?

Here it is…

It is believed that you can even cure any imbalance within your nervous system if you use the CV 17 technique.
Mind-blown, aren’t you?

CV 17

How to locate the CV 17 area?

So, it is four finger-widths above the base of the breastbone. If you cannot figure that out, just use the area of the center of your chest. (Amazing fact! Chinese medicine calls this area the sea of tranquility and peace)

How to relieve your stress and anxiety using the CV 17 area?

  • Begin by finding the right spot. This may be hard but try your best to find the right spot because this system will be so much effective if you do so. Place your fingers in the area described above.
  • Use some gentle pressure; slowly rub up and down the area. This will certainly help you in finding the right spot. This is just the beginning of the whole process and is certainly one of the most important parts of the process.
  • Prayer pose: Sit with your spine straight. Keep an upright position. Place your palms together. Point your fingers towards the ceiling. Yes, this is the prayer pose, the useful prayer pose.
CV 17
  • Use the back of your thumb knuckles and apply some gentle pressure in the center of your CV 17 area. Do this for 2-3 minutes. This is said to be really effective.
reduce stress and anxiety

The easiest way:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale and exhale; just normal regular breaths.
  • Relax your neck and shoulder but continue to keep your head upright. Y
  • our CV 17 area will calm you down if you rub it for some time in this position.

Another effective way:

  • Put your middle fingertip on top of the CV 17, rest your index and ring fingertips just above and below that point.
  • You also can gently tap this area with your fingers, which some say is a helpful trick to fall asleep at night.

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Here are some other uses of CV 17:

  1. This area also helps in promoting better sleep in the night. Obviously, this area is the stress-busting area of the entire body and if you just rub or even gently tap this area, you will know what peaceful sleep feels like.
  2. It helps those who suffer from depression or post-traumatic stress disorder or any kind of hormonal imbalance
  3. It is also useful for those who have chronic fatigue.
  4. You can use this area during the recovery phase of any injury or surgery.

Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety
CV 17 Press Button On Your Body Relieve Stress Anxiety Pin

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