8 Benefits of Reading: How It Changes You


Benefits Reading Changes You

Reading can change the way you think and live! There are surprising benefits of reading that you didn’t know. Read on and you will surely get motivated to add reading to your to-do list. 

As Mark Twain quoted

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read”

The more you dig in, the more knowledge you’ll gather. Be it anything, any subject or topic. The more you read, the more likely that you’ll grow as a person.

Let’s give a more ‘scientific’ angle to reading. Reading keeps the brain active and alert and protects the brain from aging. That is why people who read are less likely to get affected with Alzheimer’s disease. So, now you know “a book a day keeps the disease away”.

There are several benefits of reading. One who reads is always ahead of others who don’t read much.

1) They Are More Aware Of Themselves

Readers gain knowledge about different places and people. They are more aware of human psychology – the “ifs and what’s” of human behavior. Reading helps them solve many problems and figure out the dark areas they have been facing. It helps them locate those aspects of their personality which had remained in the dark so far. They are more aware of why they act or react in a certain manner and can in a way better manage themselves in difficult situations. So, high self-awareness is one of the incredible benefits of reading books regularly.

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2) They Get Much-Needed Break From Stress And ‘Reality’

Reading takes their mind of daily troubles and provides them moments of tranquility. A stressed person feels fully recharged after an hour of reading. Many successful people like Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, cultivated this habit to keep their brain working and to relieve stress.

When a reader opens a book, he is exposed to a whole new world of possibilities. His mind is taken on for a ride into the impossible, away from Boring Reality. Books offer them exposure to different environments, different realities, and also different personalities.

3) Their Vocabulary Game Is On Point

Constant exposure to quality reading material makes their vocabulary strong. They can better express themselves with phrases and proverbs and by citing related examples from literature or history. They learn more words every day and can also use them appropriately. Their grammar is also strengthened and that reflects both in their writing and speech. Talk about being fancy!

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4) They Tap Better And Varied Levels Of Conversations

You cannot be bored with a reader around (of course when he is not reading). One of the best benefits of reading is excellent communication skills!

A reader is good at quality conversations; they are never short of interesting topics to talk about. People, stories, place… They blow away people’s minds with the things they read. They particularly have extraordinary conversation skills. Since reading develops empathy, they can look at matters from different perspectives and talk about anything from different points of view.

Conversations can really be meaningful and insightful with a reader around.

5) A Reader Is Well Aware That “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”

Human beings have learned to share information through writing and those words are read by generation after generation. Knowledge and intelligence, and not physical strength, has enabled man to achieve so much. The one who reads knows it quite well, “the power of words”. It is not by the violence that war is truly won but, by the words of peace and treaty is what all about.

A reader absorbs such knowledge and knows that calm and composure can always triumph over the loud and the hasty. They shall always remain the better individual.

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6) Readers Groom Themselves Through Reading

Reading is not only restricted to occupy our leisure time. When a person reads they are allowing themselves to enter a world full of knowledge and wisdom. They are learning, constantly feeding their hungry minds and, as a result, they are always growing as a person. They are not just learning about the world but they are learning so much about themselves as well.

7) They Are An Epitome Of Wisdom And Logic

A well-read person will almost always think differently from the masses. Books give birth to enlightened minds. People who read are not easy to influence because they are too well-informed to be molded by illogical reasoning. Their minds are full of wisdom which they have gained by reading the thoughts of the best minds that the world has produced.

8) Their Mind is Never Short Of Ideas Or Information

Their brains can better process information. Reading never lets your mind slip into inactivity. When you read, your mind is enriched with new ideas and a vast amount of information on a variety of subjects. This automatically initiates the thinking process and your mind gets the exercise it needs to be fit and fine just like your body when you work out regularly. It is rightly said

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
~ Joseph Addison

Benefits of Reading
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