Pick A Crystal: Find Out What It Reveals About You

Crystal Reveals About You

Look at the 6 crystals below, which are you drawn to?
Don’t choose your favorite color, pick a crystal you are most attracted to at this very moment.

Pick a Crystal

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No. 1 – Opalite

Opalite You seek freedom

You seek freedom, somewhere peaceful to calm your senses and hear your inner voice. Opalite improves communication in your relationships and removes energy blocks in your chakras.

Have you been feeling stressed and disconnected? Do you feel unsure of your path ahead and crave time alone to think? As this cloudy stone suggests, your vision is obscured by the humdrum of daily life and some alone time is called for. It’s not necessarily that anything is ‘wrong’ with your life, but perhaps you feel it is running you rather than the other way around.

Find the time to assess things. You may discover when you think about your goals, you are in fact moving successfully towards them. When we spend quiet moments in contemplation the vibration of our body changes. It allows inspirational thoughts to pop into our head out the blue (this stone is associated with energy and angel communication).

Deep down you sense a connection with the ‘other side’, and they are waiting to talk to you and give you guidance.

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No. 2 – Green Malachite

Green Malachite You are to go

If you are attracted to this stone, you are (or are about) to go through a major life transformation. This stone brings healing and positive energy!

This transformation may be practical, changing the way you live and work, but it also goes much deeper. It is about spiritual evolution, energy blockages in your mind and body from past experiences being untangled and released. You are becoming wiser and in the process, learning to truly value yourself.

You may find the process unsettling, initially, you become more aware of what you don’t want, rather than what you do. That’s fine. First, we must acknowledge the need for change, only then can we start to look for alternatives. Malachite is the stone of prosperity and abundance when you start to look up, luck and fortune are waiting. It can signify the end of destructive romantic relationships and the dawn of pure love.

By picking this crystal you are unconsciously telling the Universe, ‘I am ready for success. I am ready to lose the negativity. I am ready to be passionate about my life’.

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No. 3 – Sun Stone

Sun Stone You are beginning to feel more

If you are attracted to this stone, you are beginning to feel more optimistic about the future. Sun Stone is known as the stone of leadership that brings you power and freedom!

The power of the sun is energizing your body, enhancing your health and lifting fears and stress. The sunstone is an omen of good luck and signifies events taking a turn for the better. This stone fosters originality and inspiration! Imagine waking in the morning and your first emotion is JOY.

Pure Joy because you have breath in your body and people in your life who love you. Once joy exists at this basic level, you attract more of the same. You are being given the strength to overcome problems. Watch as magical alternatives appear. If you’ve been silently praying for a miracle, this is it. It is time for your day in the sun.

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