25 Common Phrases That Scare The Shit Out Of Introverts

Phrases Scare Shit Out Of Introverts

7. “Don’t be shy, talk to us”

I’m not shy. I’m selectively social. There’s a difference. A very big difference. Although it may look like I’m shy, I’m not. I can comfortably talk to the people that I am comfortable with. Bold of you to assume that I’m a shy person. Okay, maybe I’m a little shy but I still won’t talk you guys. Just don’t take it personally. I prefer spending time alone in my mind, thinking of what I’ll do as soon as the event is over.

6. “Are you ready to go”

Thud, thud, thud goes my heart when it’s time to finally go. No, I will never be ready to go. You’re going to need to push me off the edge or drag me out of this room. Either way I’m still not ready to go. This is one of those phrases that scare introverts the most because of the uncertainty that lies ahead if they’re finally ready to go.

5. “We are going to break up into small groups”

I was just getting used to this big group of people where I won’t stand out as much. Small groups you say? That means we get a little a more attention than we can handle. This is not good. Let’s just hope there are other fellow introverts in my small group that can observe and understand as much as I do, fingers crossed.

4. “Show us some dance moves”

Oh no. Even introverts that are really good at dancing would prefer to dance alone in their room with their door locked tight. Being the center of attention is just something that introverts hate to their guts. There’s just not enough social batteries that would support the energy that comes with drawing so much attention. It’s just an experience that introverts would not be comfortable performing. There’s not much to it.

3. “What’s that you said?”

Oh did I not talk to you loud enough? Okay, I guess I’ll just have to repeat myself, again. I mustered up enough courage to talk to you, now you want me to repeat what I said? Aren’t you asking for a little too much? This is one of those phrases that scare introverts simply because they do not like repeating themselves over and over again. Blame it all on weak conversational skills.

2. “Come and say hi to these guys”

This one’s a tough one. Does it get harder than having to greet a few guests when you’re an introvert? We tend to practice our greeting for the millionth time in our head and still end up messing it up at the moment. It’s really frustrating and it makes the situation even more awkward than it should be. Not something you want to deal with on a daily basis for sure.

1. “Hi there”

Stranger danger, stranger danger! What’s worse than being introduced by a friend to a new person? Having to introduce yourself to a new person, all by yourself. That’s right, no support, no back up, no nothing. Just you and the stranger, looking at each other dead in the eye and hoping that time would go by a little faster than it does. But it doesn’t and you’re standing there with a stranger that’s waiting for a response. A moment in hell.

Do you get scared when these phrases are thrown at you? Yes, I feel your pain fellow introvert. But you’ve probably come up with a lot of coping mechanisms or patterns you follow. Let us know in the comments below which phrases scare you the most and let us know how you deal with it.

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