One Meditation Taboo You Should Break Right Now!

One Meditation Taboo You Should Break Right Now!

Our mind is still a big mystery that eludes its solution. We still have failed to comprehend the hidden powers and the capacity of our mind. Even when we are in the midst of this heightened period of enlightenment, humans still struggle to comprehend fully the powers dormant within us.

Meditation is one tool that helps us to comprehend some of the mysteries of the human mind and unleash it’s powering, to those who are willing to experiment with it! You know when they say, you cannot understand certain things unless you have experienced it?   Meditation in some ways is like this…you have to experience it to understand it

How many of you out there have tried starting a meditation routine, but ended up in vain? If you are one of them, don’t fret, you’re just at the right place. Either you are a complete novice to the world of meditation or you are just discovering yourself, this post is for you.

Meditation is often viewed as a “psychic” sort of thing and gives out an aura of the same. But aren’t times fast  changing as more people are now turning up to meditation for a stress-free life among other things.

Meditation gives you a place to go inside yourself where you can find inner peace and communicate with your mind. It helps you come in terms of who you truly are. Discover yourself. For those who are unaware of the benefits a 10-minute meditation session can give you, I suggest you try it for yourself.

First of all , let me clear a strong yet wrong misconception people  have about meditating. It’s what chases people away from meditating.

“Meditation is not concentration, it is in fact de-concentration”.

I know when people imagine meditating what pops up is an image of a person sitting with the eyes closed and chanting something. I bet something very close to this :

But meditating is not about sitting in a secluded place, with your fingers in the ‘meditation pose’ and willing your mind to ‘not’ think about anything.

Let me let you in on a secret that most of you don’t know : Our mind is not capable of not doing anything/thinking for even a minute. That being said, you might ask : then how does one meditate?

So, finally , here’s your completely easy guide to improve your life in just 5 minutes:

It’s not very difficult. Just be at ease. It helps if your surroundings are silent, but it’s fine if it’s not. You don’t have to have a strict posture too. Just sit how you are comfortable. Just close your eyes and I guarantee you the minute you close your eyes, your mind will be shouting like crazy!!! But what you have to do is quite simple: Just focus on your breath. It doesn’t matter what thoughts come and leave your head, do just that. Let it come and go. Don’t attach any emotions to the thought.

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When you do this, you might not be doing this right every time, sometimes it’s totally fine to sneak on your thoughts and enjoy them or just hate yourself for your thoughts. Come on, we are humans and we are not perfect. But the point is, don’t ever ditch your breath! Don’t do that. It’s fine if you lost it once, just continue. Before you know it, your mind will stay calm, maybe if you have mastered this you will be free of thoughts for some time or you will be able to control your thoughts and steer your mind back in control, just by the snap of your fingers!

Meditation is an unique tool which gives you the opportunity to communicate with your subconscious mind. It helps to strike a balance in your already stressful life.

Meditating every day for at least 5 minutes also helps. It’s up to you on how much time you want to spend on it. Have patience, you have to wait to see your fruits of labor! Nothing good comes easy.

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P.S: Share your feelings and thoughts about how you found this guide to be helpful and I would like to hear about how meditating has changed your lives.


Monisha Baskaran