Single Dad Wants To Put Up His Toddler For Adoption Because He Feels Unfulfilled Being A Father


Lonely Single Dad Wants To Put Up His Toddler For Adoption

A single dad wants to put up his toddler for adoption. Shocked? Aghast? Yes, this is true. Being a father of the 2-year-old didn’t seem as fulfilling as he thought it would. Let’s find out more about whether his son was ultimately put up for adoption or not!

Being a parent is no easy feat, and for a regretful single dad who found himself questioning his ability to provide the life he envisioned for his toddler, the journey became even more challenging.

As reported by YourTango, this young man turned to the Reddit community, specifically the r/AmITheA–hole subreddit, seeking advice and guidance on whether putting his son up for adoption was the right choice.

Let’s delve into his story, his doubts, the reasons why his child was going to be put up for adoption, and the responses he received.

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Single Dad Wants To Put Up His Toddler For Adoption. But Why?

In his heartfelt post, the 23-year-old father shared the circumstances that led him to his current predicament. He and his girlfriend unexpectedly discovered they were pregnant during their college years.

While the father identifies as Christian and considered abortion against his beliefs, he ultimately decided against it.

Despite his girlfriend’s decision to distance herself from the baby, he made the choice to raise their child alone, confident in his ability to provide for his son with a well-paying job lined up after graduation.

Fast forward two years into his journey as a single parent, and the man’s initial confidence began to wane. Loneliness and exhaustion had taken hold, leaving him feeling isolated from the world. He confessed to having no time for himself, as work and parenting consumed every moment.

The absence of family nearby, coupled with rare visits, intensified his struggle. Adding to his burden, the man’s dating life had evaporated, leaving him doubting his desirability as a young single father.

His emotional distress culminated in a troubling revelation—he felt unfulfilled and alone, which started to affect his relationship with his son. He candidly expressed his concern about developing animosity towards the child he should love unconditionally.

The father yearned to be a great dad, but he admitted to never experiencing the overwhelming, undying love he had anticipated. This internal struggle drove him to consider adoption, believing that his son’s well-being would improve with a more stable family.

Single dad wants to put up his toddler for adoption

This Is How The Internet Reacted

When the father sought advice on the internet regarding putting his son up for adoption, it did not hold back. Many Redditors criticized his belief that he could simply rehome his son like a pet, emphasizing that parenthood isn’t a casual commitment.

They highlighted that the moment his son entered the world, his own needs and wants should have taken a backseat to his child’s. Some pointed out that he was responsible for the situation by refusing the abortion his girlfriend had wanted.

The father, compelled by the feedback he received, followed up on his initial post. He acknowledged being in a dark place when he wrote it and admitted that he needed help.

Determined to overcome his emotional turmoil, he announced plans to seek therapy and join single-parent support groups, as suggested by fellow Redditors.

He even reached out to his college girlfriend, albeit to no avail, and made arrangements to hire a babysitter to alleviate some of his childcare responsibilities.

In his concluding remarks, the father clarified that he loved his son dearly, and his initial consideration of adoption stemmed from a place of genuine concern for his child’s happiness. He openly admitted to grappling with depression and acknowledged that his emotions had clouded his judgment.

Understanding that parenthood is an arduous journey, he expressed his determination to seek the help he needs for his own well-being and, ultimately, for the sake of his son.

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Being A Parent And Raising A Child Is No Joke

Parenthood, particularly single parenthood, presents its own unique challenges. In the case of this young father, his feelings of loneliness, exhaustion, and unfulfillment led him to question his ability to provide the life he envisioned for his son.

However, with the support of the Reddit community and the newfound determination to seek therapy and join support groups, he is taking steps toward personal growth and embracing his role as a father.

This story serves as a reminder that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a courageous act in the pursuit of a brighter future for both oneself and one’s children.

What are your thoughts about this single dad who wants to put up his toddler for adoption? Would you ever consider putting your child up for adoption? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

single dad wants to put up his toddler for adoption

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