Music Therapy for depression – how can it heal you?

Music Therapy for Depression

After decades of studies and investigation, researchers are confident that music therapy could help treat depression. They are sure that it helps them to involve and function in the activities of daily living. As well as music motivates people to actively participate in jobs and relationships.

“Forget anti-depressants, doctors should be able to prescribe music, arts, and writing courses to help patients suffering with the blues, claims GP”, Dr. Laura Marshall-Andrews told the Daily Mail.

This principal General Practitioner (GP)  and founder of a pioneering GP surgery in Brighton, believes that music therapy in NHS (National Health Service) as an intervention can boost the mental health of thousands.

However, the researcher Christian Gold, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Bergen, Norway. argued, “More research is still needed to figure out what type of music therapy works best for specific patient situations”. “It is important to have choices because no therapy works for everyone”, He added.

AMTA the single largest music therapy association in the world is promoting music therapy via myriad publications. It is serving more than 5000 music therapists across 30 different countries to heal people with mental health issues.

So, if your feeling depressed, you may heal with music!!!


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Music Therapy for depression

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  1. Music therapy works at that time of hearing only, afterwards again we have the same problem relapsing.

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