What Saying I Love You Means For Each Zodiac Sign


What Saying I Love You Means For 12 Zodiac Signs

Do you find it easy to confess your love for someone? Or do you often say “I love you” to your loved ones? What saying I Love You means to you?

When someone says “I Love You” does it always mean “I’m committed to you”? When people utter those three magical words, they might contain different meanings.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, let’s see what saying I love you means according to each zodiac. Zodiac signs play a great role when it comes to love, attraction, emotions, and building romantic relationships. Right since the ancient Babylonian era, it is believed that stars influence the traits and the events occurring in an individual’s life.

You can understand how a person thinks or what makes them act in a certain way, by looking at their zodiac sign’s traits and characteristics. So, are you ready to find out what your favorite person exactly wants to convey to you? Is it romantic love or platonic? Is it friendship or something more?

Let’s find out what saying I love you means for each zodiac sign!

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What Saying I Love You Means For Zodiacs?

Here’s a brief guide to understanding what I love you means for each zodiac sign:

1. Aries (March 21- April 19)

serious about you aries
What Saying I Love You Means To Aries

“I am damn serious about you”

Just like their strong commitment to any task, they are intensely committed to their loved ones. Their love is as strong as a rock. Every text that you send to them, every glimpse of you, and even the mention of your name; all these make their heart thump like a hammer hitting a nail.

They’re not someone who will flippantly go around saying those three words. An “I love you” from them just proves that you are literally their everything; from the tiniest particle to the entire universe. You are on their mind all the time and they’re deeply in love with you.

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2. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

when they say love you taurus
What Saying I Love You Means To Taurus

“I have faith in you”

People belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus, tend to be more cautious while making important relationship decisions. They invest their trust in very few people and don’t feel comfortable around strangers. They also take a long time before expressing their love.

Thus an “I love you” from them shows that you have earned their trust and they feel comfortable and secure around you.

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3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

when they say love you gem
What Saying I Love You Means To Gemini

“I can show my true colors around you”

Possessing a perfect blend of social and a confidential lifestyle, Gemini people are great at communication and people skills, yet they lack understanding and emotional connection in their personal life.

Having a lack of clarity regarding their own goals and decisions, it’s difficult for them to open up with just anyone on an emotional level.

Thus an “I love you” from a Gemini proves that you are the only person in the world with whom they can be their genuine self and can share their social and private life. And trust us, that’s not really easy for Gemini.

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4. Cancer (June 21- July 22)

when they say love you can
What Saying I Love You Means To Cancer

“Don’t Ever Vanish!”

They get overwhelmed and emotional when they fall in love. They like to hold on to their loved ones, and always fear that they will lose their beloved. They fall in love hard and care about their partner a little too much; so much so that they put their lover’s needs before their own.

So whenever they say, “I love you” they are basically saying that you are one of their top priorities in life, and if you leave or hurt them, it would really break them.

5. Leo (July 23- August 22)

when they say love you leo
What Saying I Love You Means To Leo

“You win”

Leos are affectionate in nature but tend to be egoistic. They don’t like to let go of control and won’t ever let someone call the shots unless, of course, they fall in love.

When in love, Leos give up their domineering attitude and try to win their partner’s love, affection, and attention with softness and care. But they don’t fall in love or feel like settling in with someone that easily.

Thus an I love you from them is a big achievement to receive. It means you have tamed the lion.

6. Virgo (August 23- September 22)

when they say love you virgo
What Saying I Love You Means To Virgo

“I see a long-term relationship with you”

Virgos are not very emotional people and they take decisions based on their rational judgment. They will weigh all pros and cons before entering into a relationship. They don’t express their deep emotions in casual flings. Their feelings are reserved for people who are in for the long term.

An “I love you” is equivalent to a bond, when it comes from Virgo’s mouth. Being organized and practical, they demand a balance in their life and when saying “I love you” they look towards a future and are ready to commit.

7. Libra (September 23- October 22)

when they say love you libra
What Saying I Love You Means To Libra

“I will perceive you or at least try to”

Libras are deep people who try to analyze and make sense of everything. But this often makes them overwhelmed when they face conflicts and disharmony in relationships, leading them to restrict themselves within their boundaries.

But if they fall hard for someone, they will take immense efforts to understand the one they are in love with. And an “I love you” from them would mean that they will break their boundaries to understand you and your love language.

8. Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

when they say love you scorpio
What Saying I Love You Means To Scorpio

“I will shield you”

Being adamant, apprehensive, and manipulative is Scorpio’s nature, but fall on their good side and they are the most caring individuals in the world. They will shield you from every possible danger. Scorpios are protective and affectionate toward their loved ones.

But they are secretive and it’s not easy to win their trust or their heart. So if you get an “I love you” from them, it means they have let you enter their secret space where they will protect and safeguard you from all evils.

9. Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

when they say love you Sagittarius
What Saying I Love You Means To Sagittarius

“I am an active part of our relationship; at least for now”

Fun-loving and happy-go-lucky Sag always looks for new roads and is highly unfocused about the future. While some of them are committed, the remainder believes in pouncing from one to another. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t the right ones; just that their involvement is short-lived.

So, an “I love you” from them shouldn’t make you all emotional, clingy, or demanding.

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10. Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

when they say love you cap
What Saying I Love You Means To Capricorn

“Success is the mission”

Putting career ahead of everything, being masters of their trade, Capricorn tends to struggle in the field of love. The main reason is that love distracts them. Being focused on their financial goals, they don’t have time to spare. They are serious people who don’t have time for casual relationships.

So if the words “I love you” are conveyed by them, then you are one of their life goals and they want to pursue you sincerely. But you have to work with them and support them to build a successful life.

11. Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

when they say love you aqua
What Saying I Love You Means To Aquarius

“Through fire or ice … I will always be there for you”

An Aquarian possesses a dynamic and optimistic outlook, yet the word commitment is a huge phobia and they usually run away from serious relationships and emotional complications.

But once these fears have been conquered and the words “I love you” leave their mouth, they will stand tall like a wall and stay with you forever.

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12. Pisces (Feb 19- March 20)

when they say love you pisces
What Saying I Love You Means To Pisces

“I will forgive you for all your mistakes”

Pisceans are known to be incurable romantics. One of their debatable qualities includes forgiveness. Forgiving almost every mistake and error often lands them in situations where they put up with a lot of negative behavior, just for the sake of love.

So if a Piscean says “I love you”, it means that they will pardon your every flaw. (That doesn’t mean you become a villain in anyone’s life, though)

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What Saying I Love You Means To Each Zodiac
What I Love You Means For Zodiacs
What Saying I Love You Means To Each Zodiac
What I Love You Means For Star Signs
What Saying I Love You Means To Each Zodiac
What Saying I Love You Means For Star Signs
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What Saying I Love You Means To Each Zodiac
What Zodiacs Mean When They Say I Love You
What Saying I Love You Means To Each Zodiac
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