Which Marvel Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Marvel Character Soulmate Based Zodiac Sign

Have you ever thought and dreamed about which Marvel character is your perfect soulmate and partner, according to your zodiac sign?

The point of this article is to indulge in some Marvel spirit and find out which Marvel character can be your perfect foil.

Don’t get too serious about this (this is just for fun) or don’t start believing that Captain America would seemingly jump out of thin air and ask you out for a date. But you can always fantasize about him, can’t you?

Also, you can always brag about it to your friends. I mean, dating Thor would certainly be on most of our bucket lists.

Here Are The Marvel Characters Who Are Your Soulmates As Per Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries/ Star-Lord

Peter Quill is your dream partner.

Well, it actually seems kind of perfect, for Aries is bubbly and care-free.

He has his own bar for energy and his rock-themed mixture can always be a party blaster for you. He is reckless, he is passionate, and he has a boyish charm about him that you would subconsciously fall for.

And, he is being played by Chris Pratt. Could it get any better?

2. Taurus/ Captain America

Certainly, a piece of sumptuous cake when it comes to looks, but even whilst going by his pleasing personalities, he is the perfect fit for you.

How luring is his tough exterior that matches your tough exterior?

But, deep within, you both are softies who would do to any length for the welfare of mankind irrespective of your familiarity with them.

You know what you want, you are passionate, but you would never do anything that is unwarranted. So would he!

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3. Gemini/ The Hulk

Well, apart from the Green giant smashing a cup while trying to drink tea, Bruce Banner is pretty chilled.

Also, he has 7 Ph.D’s, so he would really have a lot of intellect to offer you.

Gemini requires conversation, loads of it and he is one of them that can provide it in boatloads.

He is also freakishly good looking, apart from being very shy, composed, and calm; unless you break his prized china and he destroys your house.

But come on. Hulk Smash!

4. Cancer/Loki

The trickster God is your soulmate.

Astonished or evoked?

Well, some would say both! Loki or Tom Hiddleston is one of those people who elicit a ‘Whoa’ when beheld.

They would match your sense of mischief and probably outdo you in pranks. So, you might as well tag them along while going trick or treat.

But they also have a very humane side that never lets them become outrageously evil. Isn’t this so alluring; this irresistible duality?

They never want to trust anyone, they never show their emotions openly and that is so you!

5. Leo/ Black Panther

The perfect foil to your over-the-top character, Black Panther is quiet, unassuming, and never the one to steal the spotlight away.

Also, both of you enjoy mutually helping each other.

He is extremely independent which means that you will never see him being clingy to you. He would simply let your relationship breathe. This tempting guy will swipe your feet off the ground.

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6. Virgo/ Spiderman

marvel zodiac Spiderman

Spiderman would be your best fit. He is kind, emotional, understanding, and patient. And so are you! He is hardworking but tends to overthink. This is you too.

He is cute and adorable just like you.

7. Libra/ Thanos

Hold up.

Thanos, really?

Well, he might be the arch-nemesis, but you can’t deny that every bit of his intention is wrong.

He knows what he wants – a perfect balance in the universe. But have his steps been that good? No.

You are the same. You focus on something with a single-minded approach and sometimes remain aloof of the consequences. You believe that the end justifies the means, but that is not the case all the time.

So, please meet up with him, and ask him to not kill anymore.

8. Scorpio/ Drax

You are way too serious about everything. Your intensity often thwarts your exuberance.

You need to let yourself loose a bit. And that is only possible if you are with Drax. He would never let you get anxious or tensed, but will patiently listen and analyze everything.

He will never let you drown in your melancholic world. He is very, very grounded, and realistic. Something you should run after.

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9. Sagittarius/ Thor

Thor is your soulmate.

Do you really need to read anymore? He is as eccentric and adventurous as you are while also being amazingly humorous when the situation calls for.

Also, don’t overlook his supreme beauty.

10. Capricorn/ Deadpool

If you want someone as unpredictable as you are, then Deadpool is the real deal.

He is twisted to the extent that might not make him evil, but certainly, he can be a pain in the butt. But he also makes up for it by not being cruel to humanity. He is unable to voice his emotions, and that somehow stems from his actions.

So, why not bring out the comfortable side in him and let him trust you?

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11. Aquarius/ Ironman

It is Robert Downey Jr.


Do we really need to put it in words why he is the most prized possession one can have? Don’t leave a chance of making him yours.

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

He is everything you would ever want. No point discussing it further.

12. Pisces/ War Machine

The loyal friend, the war veteran, the voice of reason, and sometimes a funny bone: reason enough?

War Machine would regale you with stories of his army days and you would find yourself enamored with his infectious yet soothing smile and kind yet smoldering eyes. Give him a try. You won’t regret it.

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Which Marvel Character Is Your Soulmate
Which Marvel Character Is Your Soulmate
Marvel Character Soulmate Based Zodiac Sign pin

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