How To Make A Lunch Date A Real Date

How To Make A Lunch Date A Real Date

“Let’s do lunch!”, a catchy phrase, usually indicates a brief interlude and a chat over goat cheese and. But, you have a mad crush on a lovely co-worker.

You two have been bantering and flirting for a while. Maybe you suggested trying the new Thai place down the way for lunch tomorrow, and she’s in agreement.

Sweet. Take it out of the friend-zone and make your casual lunch date count. Guys, get ready to rock the romance at high noon.

Flower Power.

Arrive with at lunch with a single rose hidden behind your back. A tasteful single rose immediately sets a distinctively amorous tone.

Suddenly an ordinary lunch date transforms to special afternoon tete-a-tete. It’s understated, romantic, and whimsical. However, bringing a full bouquet of flowers to a lunch date might be over-doing it.

After all, it is still lunch. The idea is to woo her—not overwhelm her. If she’s not a flower type of girl, offer a little handmade gift, like a drawing of her or maybe a book of her favorite jokes.

Dress to Impress.

That’s key. So on the day of your date, even if it’s Casual Friday, make the extra effort to wear something attractive. A sporty blazer or cardigan over your jeans, with an open-necked shirt, and boots, will catch her attention.

Bring your favorite cologne that day in your briefcase or backpack, and splash a couple of drops over your face and neck in the men‘s room.

She will certainly notice the cool attire. She’ll appreciate that instead of your usual paint-splattered Friday khakis, you dressed up special-for her. Nobody does that for buddy-buddies.

You’re payin‘!

Establish right away that this is not a  “Let’s Go Dutch” or a “Split-The-Check” lunch. Equally important is the language.

Do not say that “this lunch is  on me.” That implies a super casual random event, with which she might feel obligated to reciprocate.

Quickly squash any attempts at quid-pro-quo. You want to set the stage for future dates. As a relationship-building lunch, tell her from the onset that is a date.

For example the phrase, “I’d like to take you out to lunch. Where would you like to go?” or “Let’s make it special for us” demonstrates interest and pursuit.

Presumably, as lunch is progressing in a light romantic manner, ask her on real date. The invitation can be as casual as the lunch.

Hey, how about dinner and movie Saturday night?” or “Want to check out the new Scorsese film? We can have Italian before. I’d love to take you.” Thus, the casual lunch date has opened the way to the real deal.

Let’s get physical!

Combined with good conversation, touch is a significant mood enhancer. Lightly place your hand on the small of her back to gently guide her into the restaurant.

Ask her questions about her life. Make it clear this is not the bait and banter that you do at work or school. You are trying to get to know her a little.

Listen attentively because that’s sexy to a woman. Touch her hand at certain points in the conversation. Check out her body language to ensure she likes the feel of your fingertips on the back of her hand or stroking her palm.

Walk her back to work  taking her hand from time to time. And when you part to go back to work, a soft peck on the cheek can only be trumped by a passionate lip-lock if you get that vibe from her.

-By Alex Wise

How To Make A Lunch Date A Real Date


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