Love Vs. Lust: Funny Illustrations to Explain The Difference

Love Vs. Lust

Meet Karina Farek – an amazing animator and illustrator, who likes deep-sea fish, werewolves, anime, Billy Joel, and cold weather. She recently created a series of ‘Lust vs. Love’ illustrations, which appeared in College Humor and we couldn’t help sharing it with you!

The illustrations perfectly depict the passion and deep affection that a person feels when in love, while when in lust, all they feel is an intense desire for gratification.

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She compared these two feelings by illustrating them in the same situations. Scroll down to take a look at her understanding of lust vs love. 

1. Once lust turns into love, she is beautiful to you in every way.

Love Vs Lust

2. When in love, you don’t have to say the best jokes to make each other laugh.

Love Vs Lust

3. Love means taking care of her during important times. 

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4. When in love, you want to do everything that makes you happy, with her.

5. Love is when you don’t have to take care of everything yourself; she takes half of the responsibility too. 

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6. You know you are in love when sex is not the only thing on your mind.

So, there you have it! These illustrations have beautifully captured the difference between lust and love. We hope you enjoyed this compilation, so now go and hug your partner tight!

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Written And Illustrated By Karina Farek

Originally Appeared In College Humor

Lust Vs Love
Lust Vs Love
Love Vs. Lust: Funny Illustrations to Explain The Difference

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