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When Your Love Is True, Your Loyalty Stands The Test Of Time

When Your Love Is True, Your Loyalty Stands The Test Of Time

Love is never the same for two different people, what joins them in a bond is the happiness for having found affection and mutual respect. The human heart is wired to flutter around like a newborn butterfly and discover whatever’s sweet. It craves for what is forbidden and runs from monotony. But these desires are iced when you stumble upon the glittery true love.

Being fully entrenched in love makes things easy for you like the satisfaction which is felt, will refrain you from acting impulsively, which is never good for you in the long race. The better you hold your impulses in place, the happier love will be for you, and vice versa.

The grass always seems greener on the other side; it’s only when you step on it that you realize how dry and patchy it is. Usually, it’s too late to step back into your pool by then. Realizing this is an important factor for the emotional well being of both you and your partner. Even one’s interest in a diamond loses its shine after a count of days.

Impulsive moments of recluse can lead to the destruction of a relationship which has taken levels of time and effort to build. The trust gained is not an easy task. People rarely put down their guards in front of others in today’s world. Is it really worth to risk all that for a few moments of variety?

Cheating would make things so much hard, even if you decide to step out of it, the guilt and emotional burden added is a tough battle to fight.

Finding the perfect one surely is a hard nut to crack. Some are too clingy, some are too reserved. Some want you to change, some need all your attention. Only a few encounters will love you for who you are and accept every flaw in you. These are the people who help you grow as a person while providing you with all the affection you need.

After being spoon-fed love, the thought of any sideline activity like flirting, texting others will make you cringe. The thought of hurting someone, who has given you everything they have, will sadden you beyond words.

Everyone needs their own space in a relationship. Most days are sunny, sometimes they are cloudy. A person should always give their partner enough space when they need it. Cloudy days tend to collect our demons front and center. We say things in heat of the moment which leaves a lasting impact of other’s mind, and these mostly are things we don’t really mean. It’s alright to vent, but if it is not conveyed that those words were not meant, it might create problems for no reason.

Nobody happens to be perfect, and everybody is different. When two people are in love, they help overcome each other’s weakness and grow as a whole. What is a child play for you might be a tough thing for others and the opposite is true as well. That’s why two people together can get through a lot of things, helping each other out at every little step to overcome whatever lies in front of them. It does require patience though.

We can’t just lose our calm and point our partner’s shortcomings, it makes demoralizes them and leaves a negative impact. Also, in front of others, you two always need to have each other’s back. Doesn’t mean you agree with everything they say, just that you respect them enough to sort things out in private.

Moreover, love needs compromise. When single, we make ourselves the most comfortable and a new person in our lives means we would need to jump out of our cozy comfort zone and compromise on even our favorite things when needed. Most of our ‘needs’ are insignificant and can be put on hold when the other’s needs are important ones. Compromise makes us realize our priorities, and love is always greater than a couple missed football games.

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When we have someone there to listen to every little problem of yours and guide you through it with smoothly as butter, you tend to tell them everything. It is a wonderful thing, you get to share whatever strikes in your head; you have no personal burden. Though sometimes in times of distress among couples, some people share private things entrusted to them in confidence, which just puts a bad impression about both of you to the listener.

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