9 Reasons to Love a Libra and the One Secret they Keep

Love a Libra One Secret they Keep

7. They dislike conflict and want to please everyone.

Their emotional well being often depends on the approval of others, which can make them rather indecisive and turn them into “pleasers,” who subordinate their needs to others. They will vacillate on both sides of any question. However, in a debate when someone takes a firm position one way, they will often take the contrary view just for the sake of fairly presenting the opposite side of the argument. Yet, they will do so without being unpleasant or argumentative. You say tomato—they say tomato.

8. They are fair-minded and believe in justice.

Libras love to debate and have the unique capacity to see the truth of any situation from all sides. They can be your best friend and listen with objectivity. But if they think you are wrong they will argue until they have convinced you to their point of view.

9. They love to talk about psychology and are psychologically complex.

On one hand, they perpetually seek a relationship, on another, they desperately need their independence and space if someone becomes too close. They alternate from wanting the social engagement to being upset if too much closeness restricts their freedom. Libras vacillate from one extreme to another. For them, love relationships alternate from being exciting to being a source of conflict. While they hate conflict, they seem to draw it into their daily life. Yet, they have an uncanny ability to communicate so well, talk things out, and diplomatically resolve differences with the people in their life.

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10. They have a deep dark secret we can all relate to.

We are touched by their secret: feeling lonely and needing love, because, at different times in our lives, we have all felt that way, too. But for many Libras, loneliness and need for a love relationship sometimes drive them to desperately seek out romances that are superficial and will never satisfy their intimate needs. In extreme cases, their desperation to find a relationship can result in their being promiscuous. Fortunately, most Libras grow and mature from their experiences, and discover which relationships are likely to be healthy and loving for them. Happy birthday to all Libras!

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Nine Reasons to Love a Libra & the One Secret they Keep
9 Reasons to Love a Libra and the One Secret they Keep
Love a Libra One Secret they Keep Pin
9 Reasons to Love a Libra and the One Secret they Keep
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