Is He Worth The Wait?

Ask yourself: Is He Worth The Wait?

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After battling the demons inside and crossing over a hundred mountains of dilemma you finally fell head over heels in love with this guy and you know he does love you too but doesn’t reciprocate the way you do. Well, you may not like this but the truth is he is just not ready yet.

Don’t you blame yourself, it has nothing to do with you. It’s just you fell in love with a man who still has demons to chase and goals to achieve before he can embrace love.

It’s not that your love was not enough to create interest or way too much to scare him away. Your open heart or soft kisses didn’t scare him away. It was never you but him.

He is just not ready for love yet.

Everyone is different and love readiness comes at a different time for everyone.
Women follow their heart and they let love guide them but men are taught to find a stable spot in life wherein they can be capable of raising a family which they will have someday.

Trying to change him or his mind for this matter won’t do any good to you or him. This is established the order of society and in a way, this is what even nature demands.

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You have freewill, you have a choice and here your only choice is if you willing to love him and wait for him until he is ready to embrace your love and his love.

The statement ‘If he loved you he would be with you anyway.’ is so wrong. It’s easy to say this but the equations of the heart are not so simple. Love can never be explained with any logic.

Your love needs your support and if you truly love him you will give this to him. You need to look at things being in his shoes keeping the ego and insecurities aside.

Should you wait for him or should you not depend on if he is worth the wait.

If he is worth the wait don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, maybe they never came across anyone worth waiting for.

I know this is hard but let this sink in, wipe off your tears and accept the reality.

We have no control over a matter of hearts and definitely not over love, may we didn’t mean but we fell in love and fell hard even before realizing that neither of us is ready but do remember if he is worth loving he is definitely worth waiting for.

Life is uncertain and so are the things that life comprises of, may be you just want to give up and move on, you start to look for reasons to leave by making light of his qualities. It’s time you need to accept that you just can’t let this man go and it is in your best interest to wait.

Waiting doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from everything else and waiting there on the rocks by the sea for your prince charming to return.

Waiting for means while he builds himself and a safe space for both of you, you bring the best version of you. You better yourself to match the man you’re going to be with. While he is being ready you need to make yourself ready too.

We, humans, are still to the master patient if we want something we want it to come to us instantly and love is no exception but the things that worth having are also worth waiting. A break is not the end, the story continues for those who have to calm to wait and embrace it.

Believe me just because he is not beside you doesn’t mean you don’t cross his mind. Every night before he falls asleep you’re the last thing he thinks of.

You don’t ever need to censor yourself, you don’t need to hide your true self, that’s not how you find love. He will love you for what you are when he is ready, your insecurities and fears won’t bother him, don’t speculate and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Speak your mind and follow your heart, honor your feelings and this way you honor yourself and your relationship.

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