What Does An Introvert’s Silence Speak?

Too many people make an introvert uncomfortable and they have no time for people who don’t matter to them.

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6. Time to recharge my batteries 

Introverts are ‘people sensitive’, meaning, overexposure to loud noise and crowded places can have fatal effects on them(not literally)! 

Every person needs unwinding at the end of the day, more so in the case of an introvert. They will draw themselves away from interactions and choose a solitary place where they can use silence to replenish themselves. 

Let’s go hibernating.

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7. “I am trying to compose myself.”

What Does An Introvert’s Silence Speak?
What Does An Introvert’s Silence Speak?

Whenever I am overwhelmed with strong negative emotions, I often go completely silent. That provides me the time to reflect on how I want to respond to the situation. This stops me from impulsively speaking or acting on a trigger.

The next time you have provoked an introvert’s negative emotions and he/she is breathlessly silent, know that they are trying not to end up in jail.

Silence is not always about approval or ignorance. It is also about an ‘existential right’, especially to an introvert. Like Will Rogers said, “ Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

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What Does An Introvert’s Silence Speak?
What Does An Introvert’s Silence Speak?

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