30+ Interesting Facts About PTSD

interesting facts about ptsd

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, is a growing mental health issue worldwide. This can occur when you have experienced a traumatic event. This post brings to you some interesting facts about PTSD. Check out! 

PTSD is not just about depression, anxiety, flashbacks, or intrusive memories and thoughts associated with a traumatic event in your life. There is more to it! 

Do you know people who have not suffered any traumatic event can also develop PTSD? There are many more such facts that will surely leave you surprised. Read on to know them.  

Here Are Interesting Facts About PTSD:

1. Almost 8 million people in the United States have PTSD

Well, talking about PTSD is not so common in our society due to stigma and lack of awareness. But a whopping 8 million people in the US are suffering from PTSD. Approximately, 7 or 8 out of 100 people will develop PTSD at some point in their lifetime. 

If you are having PTSD and reading these interesting facts about PTSD, I hope you don’t feel alone anymore. The more you open up about your worries and pain to your loved ones, the easier it will be for you to ask for help. 

2. People living in urban areas are at greater risk of PTSD

The reason is simple! More crime and anti-social activities occurring in urban areas. Other reasons are lower education, more financial, environmental, and social stressors in urban areas, which make people vulnerable to PTSD. 

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3. PTSD symptoms take years to show up

Unlike what a lot of people believe, PTSD may take years to begin. Doctors can make a diagnosis if you have PTSD symptoms for at least one month. In some cases, it takes several months and years before the PTSD symptoms become obvious. 

In some cases, PTSD-like symptoms – anxiety, insomnia, and depression – right after a traumatic event may actually turn to be an acute-stress disorder, which may or may not develop into PTSD (especially if you treat it immediately). 

trauma keeps you in a loop of your past
30+ Interesting Facts About PTSD

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4. Refugee trauma also contributes to PTSD

People with the trauma of being a refugee may feel like fleeing to a war-ridden country, which may lead to PTSD. 

5. Children can also develop PTSD

In most cases, adults who are experiencing PTSD symptoms have suffered a traumatic event in childhood. But, children too can develop this stress disorder while they are still young. About 1 to 6% of boys and 3 to 15% of girls who are traumatized (by neglect or abuse) develop PTSD. The likelihood of PTSD depends on the severity of the trauma. 

6. Women are highly likely to develop PTSD

That doesn’t mean men do not suffer from PTSD. It’s just that women (10%) develop this disorder more often than men (4%) at some point in their life. However, there is a lack of research explaining why women are at greater risk, but it could be because of the type of traumatic events they are exposed to such as domestic violence or sexual abuse in childhood or in adulthood. 

7. PTSD symptoms are different for men and women

This is one of the most interesting facts about PTSD! Women with PTSD tend to avoid anything that causes discomfort or any situation that can trigger unpleasant thoughts or uncomfortable feelings. When something triggers or overwhelms them they find it difficult to deal with their emotions. But, men are not jumpier as women. They are angrier and resort to drugs or alcohol to manage the emotion that the memories or triggers evoke. 

Trauma Is Held In The Body
30+ Interesting Facts About PTSD

8. Those who are not trauma victims can also develop PTSD

PTSD can begin even if you have not suffered any traumatic event such as a car accident or an assault or a war. Some people are diagnosed with PTSD because their loved one was in a traumatic situation or lost a near and dear one or maybe they are injured badly. This is one of the surprising facts about PTSD that research revealed.

Other people who are likely to develop PTSD are those working as paramedics, firefighters, police, emergency room doctors – because they work under high pressure most of the time. Even psychologists – who deal with clients from all walks of life having a wide range of emotional and mental health issues – can develop PTSD. 

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