The 6 Most Important Steps to Enlightenment and Ascension

The 6 Most Important Steps to Enlightenment and Ascension

Achieving enlightenment might seem like an impossible thing to many, but if you follow a few steps, you will be surely able to win at it. 

The cliff notes edition on how to attain enlightenment and ascension yourself.

Here’s the caveat…

This will NOT be easy. This will involve many ego deaths, and those ego deaths are one of the most important parts of the journey.

You will lose attachments – to people, relationships, things. Attachments you have will be taken from you, like relationships ending and facing bankruptcy.

Once you’ve crossed the threshold you will understand why – so accept it as part of the journey and do not become disheartened.

Everything you give up, every challenge you face is preparing you for the upper levels – and you will be grateful for all of them when you get there. I promise you that.

The 6 Most Important Steps to Enlightenment and Ascension

Here Are All The 6 Steps To Achieving Enlightenment

Step 1 To Enlightenment – Mirrors of Relationship

When I first started downloading and compiling the Mirrors process, I knew I had something special. It allowed me to shatter through layers of beliefs and brought everything into one focus. I could start seeing the big picture.

Over a relatively short period of time, the questions became part of my being and the time to shift something became shorter and shorter until I was basically doing it in the moment of the experience itself.

Mirrors are a self-perpetuating process and the questions become self-evident over time.

Use mirrors daily for a few months – set aside time and make it a habit!

When I started using mirrors I had a lot of layers to go through and I used to mirror stuff out on a whiteboard for days on end – I’ve literally filled thousands of whiteboards. It was faster growth than I ever could have achieved with someone else – especially when I really started learning to get brutally honest with myself.

These paid-for tools take the now-extensive mirrors question set and put them into interactive tools where you can configure your own questions. You download the tool to use on your machine and you don’t need internet access while you’re using it.

Steps To Enlightenment

The tools are also already categorized to deal with stuff like attachment, balance, business failure, cancer, divorce and breakups, twin flames, lightworkers, money, suicide and depression, and unemployment. These tools already have all the dualities populated with the questions.

I know mirrors don’t come naturally to everyone in the beginning, which is why I’ve created the tools. For those of you at a more advanced level, you’ll probably only need the free stuff – the tool is really self-perpetuating. For those of you that need a more guided experience then the interactive tools should dramatically shortcut your learning curve – without overwhelming.

There are effectively 5000+ questions per interactive tool, but you only have to deal with six on the page at a time. You’ll quickly get the hang of it – I think I made it simple and easy so that you can focus on the shifting. It’s as close as I can get you to an in-person session.

Step 2 To Enlightenment – Handing over to the Holy Spirit

Handing over to the Holy Spirit is something I carry on about and on about lol. But with good reason. When you hand over to the Holy Spirit, amazing things start happening for you.

What do I mean by handing over… Holy Spirit, please take this ego identification of the thought of…. (pain, sadness, lack, anxiety, separation).

In the beginning, you’ll have guilt about how much you are handing over, and then you’ll realize there’s no limit – you’re meant to be handing over in every second. In fact, the only way to serve God is to hand over to him every second, using your free will to hand over everything – your thoughts, words, actions, deeds, feelings, sensations, you name it.

Eventually, you’re going to get to a point where you are remembering to pray all the time – and that’s where you want to be.

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Step 3 To Enlightenment – Praying for Faith & Trust

Praying for faith and trust was something that happened very naturally and organically with me… I just started asking the Holy Spirit to show me how to have more faith, to live a life of faith, to show me what faith is.

Praying for me changed dramatically at that point, and it had a lot to do with the ego mitigation – I wasn’t interested in the worldly and secular stuff anymore, so I wasn’t asking for stuff for me. Surprisingly I had guilt about not asking for money when I knew I needed it… an interesting barrier for me at that time. I think I was becoming aware that we have to create everything we want – even stuff like money.

There was a payoff here – I was given tests where I was asked to trust myself. This had a lot to do with ego mitigation too.

Ego emotions and responses are fear, doubt, anger, resistance, vulnerability, shame, embarrassment, humiliation, competition, possessiveness, envy, jealousy… you get the picture.

The thing that was stopping me from trusting Source…? DOUBT of the messages, SHAME and HUMILIATION and EMBARRASSMENT that I might be wrong, RESISTANCE to my own abilities and the fact that God would trust me, COMPETITION and ENVY of the talents of others, and DOUBT that I was as good as them.

It came to a head when I had the following lesson: I was doing a distance reading for someone, and the messaging I was getting did not fit with what her life looked like. So I went softer on my feedback, AFRAID I was wrong, and not wanting to face the SHAME of being wrong.

We got into an exchange by email afterward, and with a bit more digging I found out that actually, the info I was getting was completely right – and this was playing out in that relationship already.

I made a very conscious choice at that point to trust what comes from inside me before any ego response. Even when I have to face the discomfort of an ego response, I chose to trust beyond that from that point. What I didn’t expect was how big a lesson on external validation this was… and here’s the thing about external validation: you have to let go of it to progress on your journey. But why?

As you grow, you become aware of a few things – there are very few people around you on your level, people can’t always see what you see, they’re limited by their paradigm blindness (the things they don’t know or have experience of).

What this means for your journey is that if you are externally validated, you will only ever rise to the level of the people around you. In order to go all the way through, you have to be satisfied that you know where you’re going – even when the people around you cannot see it or you, or how much you’ve grown.

What none of us really ever considered is how lonely and alone this path we’ve chosen is – the reason so many become hermits is because you realize stuff like no one can ever share your experience and you will always be alone really – that’s what individuation means. The lack of need for external validation also makes you withdraw from life because you no longer need the mirrors that people offer – and you have none left to offer them.

That’s what a God or Ascended Master is really – someone with no mirrors. That’s why people see us so disparately: we only ever reflect what they are – they only see themselves in us.

Step 4 To Enlightenment – Ego

Ego Mitigation & Ego Deaths…. we’ve spoken a lot about mirrors above, and mirrors are your shortcut into ego mitigation. The rest really will unfold as you go along, you’ll see.

Your job is to learn how to NOT take stuff personally. You’re looking for the point where you realize that you do NOT matter, you CANNOT and will NOT ever make a difference, you really add NO value to anything or anyone. You’re temporary and of no consequence.

The reasons for this are so manifold that I can’t even begin to list them…. suffice to say that you cannot judge, have preconceived ideas or take offense at the things you will see, hear and experience once you cross the threshold. And I want you to cross that threshold – the Gods do too.

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