Are You In A Loveless Relationship? Here’s What You Can Do

Are You In A Loveless Relationship? Here's What You Can Do

A relationship has to toil through a number of hardships before it stands strong against the test of time. During the low phases of our relationship, it gets hard for us to stick with our partners and trust our bond. You might no longer be able to connect with your partner or you might simply be continuing a loveless relationship. No matter how financially, professionally secure you and your partner are, love and intimacy are important ingredients to keep two people anchoring on to each other.

At times, the relationship might feel lacking the glamour and spark, the warmth and coziness, the understanding and acceptance. A lack of emotional touch to the relationship might convert it into a fruitless bond. It also becomes too painful for us to accept the fact that the relationship which once bustled with happiness, connectivity, and exuberance has now turned into a disappointing concoction of bitterness and indifference.

If you can identify yourself in this situation, you might still be wondering if you should continue in such a relationship or you should liberate yourself from it. The pain of feeling lonely, unattended, unseen is huge to bear. If you are looking forward to making a decision, without compromising your happiness, these tips will help you create a stronger mental grid.

Are You In A Loveless Relationship? Here's What You Can Do

Have you done everything to save the relationship?

In this step, you need to do some mind-ransacking. If you really want to keep investing in this relationship then read this step or else simply skip to the second step. The first thing you need to do is decide if this relationship has any embers left to rekindle the love or not. If your answer to this is yes, there are many ways you can do it. The crucial point to keep in mind is that, to revitalize your relationship, you and your partner both need to contribute to working it out. On several grounds, a loveless relationship is born out of a lack of proper communication.

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A relationship needs to be active. A lack of interaction often brings in bitterness and resentment. And on the long haul, these resentments build to culminate into an impossibly magnanimous degree, which becomes a ground for conflicts and complains. Similarly, a lack of mindfulness on your or your partner’s part might lead to lovelessness. Are you aware of your partner’s needs? His/her feelings? Do you appreciate your partner for what he/she does for you?

You can consider visiting a relationship counselor if nothing works out. Counselors are experts at bringing back life to a lifeless relationship. Just follow there advises and see how your relationship blossoms again.

Are You In A Loveless Relationship? Here’s What You Can Do

1. Consider going solo

If you want to leave this current relationship you will know it in your heart. The decision of separation from your partner will require you to make a number of practical considerations like whether or not you will share living space, your children and your possessions. Moving out of a relationship means to have to change a number of habits. Staying with one person gets you into some habits which change when you disconnect. Most importantly, separation will bring about a lot of emotional burden on you. Consider that too. Do not be harsh on yourself.

Accept the change and forget any mistakes that your partner might have committed. Be gentle with yourself. You don’t have to feel guilty for discontinuing the relationship. Invest time on yourself. Give yourself the time to grieve the loss. Going solo from a relation might get a bit overwhelming for you. Spend time with yourself. Cultivate activities that you were passionate about. Spend time on yourself and explore those undiscovered parts of you.

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2. Create a strong personal boundary

When you decide to separate ways, you might face some resistance from your partner. You need to act up with maturity and integrity here and speak up for yourself. Not all relationship’s termination is similar. Some people deal with separation with aplomb while the other’s will behave extremely immaturely, breaking limits, stalking, begging, forcing the other person to not leave. When things take an unmanageable turn, you need to start creating a good boundary.

Begin with explaining to them why you want to leave. If unsatisfaction and lack of love are the factors for leaving, tell them about these straight on their face. Create limits and tell them about the consequences that they have to face in case they cross it. Learn to say ‘no’ where require even though it seems difficult. Cut contacts with your partner. This will help you both heal faster.

3. Practice self-love

The pain associated with separation is huge. And coming out from the pain of loss might be overbearing. But with the time you will be able to fall in love with yourself. A loss of partner might make you feel unwanted, lonely, broken and lower your self-confidence. It is completely natural to easily catch feelings for other people and call it love. Hold on. Do not rush into another relationship immediately afterward. Give yourself the time to nurture your vulnerability. No matter how much you feel like your immediate need is to be accepted and loved by another individual, but the reality is you need to love yourself, be tender with your edges and less pressing on your weak points.

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I’m in a Loveless Relationship. What Shall I Do?
Are You In A Loveless Relationship? Here's What You Can Do
Are You In A Loveless Relationship? Here’s What You Can Do

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