Retreating Into The Inner Sanctuary And Igniting Your Spiritual Awakening

Retreating Into The Inner Sanctuary And Igniting Your Spiritual Awakening

In turbulent times like this, having a spiritual awakening can help you keep your heart and mind peaceful, tranquil and full of love. 

Retreating into the Inner Sanctuary (human heart) for spiritual connection and protection …whilst the Outer Sanctuary heals.

During this time of turbulence, uncertainty in the unknown – a deepening of connection to the divine through the sacred heart and assimilating a positive perspective will restore the soul’s faith in the power of love to transform.

I offer you, from my heart to yours – heart awakened perspective – as together we navigate through this storm of awakening.

Perspective #1 – Mother Nature is healing

With the prevention methods – lockdown, etc. – nature is healing.

There are fewer cars, fewer planes, less manufacturing, less economic activity that generally excludes nature from the bottom line.

When Nature is always in harmony and connection with all of life.

She is utilizing this time, to catch up on a long-awaited slumber.

The skies in China are clear (air pollution a record low rates).

Venice’s canals have become crystal clear.

Italy has dolphins coming closer and closer; Japan deers roaming in the streets; Monkeys in Thailand.

It’s a blessing to sometimes see, what it looks like on the other side.
To see the clear skies, nature flourishing without human hindrance.

This alone can bring ignite a sense of joy, trust, faith in times of challenge and chaos.

These are amazing signs with the absence of human pollution.

And asking the question – how magical the world can be, flourishing life – if we became more conscious globally on the preservation of our beloved planet.

The fires this year all around the world is a forecast, a message that she is dying, and can no longer sustain human ignorance.

We are apart of the greater wave of life, not separated, and thus we must harmonize our footprint – reconnect to the whole.

Perspective #2 – The systems do not work

Maybe a perfect time to also reflect on the systems we have subscribed to as a global community is not sustainable.

Systems based upon separation and competition will always benefit a few at the expense of the whole.

And how we know, is that in times of chaos, they are unable to adapt.

We must find a new system, that supports and invites the collective.

Collaboration and inclusiveness over separation and competition.

A system just like nature, based on synergy, the intelligence of the whole organization is greater than anyone of its parts.

To see humanity as a part of a greater whole.
With an absolute focus on the environment, as to how much longer can she survive this human ignorance?

Perspective #3 – In Chaos we play 

The organic nature of humanity for play, connection, compassion, and community.

In challenging times, there are always sparks of joy, play, acts of selfless service and connection.

From free Live-streamed concerts to Quarantined Dance / Sing-alongs / Bingo, mass applauses for health workers, sizeable donations – of food and resources all over the globe.
These moments of chaos, ignite the true human spirit in many.

To have compassion for one another, to connect, to feel beyond the individual ego in separation.

To love and support thy neighbors.

To find joy in the midst of Chaos.

More joy, compassion, innocence, play.

These acts of connection will begin a wildfire of enlivened hearts.

As in the heart, we transcend the unconscious fears of the mind.

Looking to practice compassion for others and also yourself? Read How To Practice Mindful Self Compassion: 6 Life-Changing Steps

Perspective #4 – Buck the trend 

Use this time to buck the trend.

Rewrite your life. Do things differently.

You now have the time, that you never had before.

Utilize this opportunity to educate yourself – online courses.

Be creative, be awe-inspired.

Sing, dance, play – invest time in what truly makes you happy.

Think back to your childhood.

Invest this time in developing new hobbies or creative expressions that are in deeper resonance with you.

It does not just have to be an education and can be lifestyle choices.

What a perfect time for a fast? To heal and restore the body.

Do whatever it is, from your heart, that is truly you.

Take this time to begin to align yourself with what you really love doing.

Perspective #5 – An opportunity to realize, process and liberate fears 

I have been in process, as we have all, of purging unconscious fears.

Observe the mind’s stories.
What is coming up for you?

Fear of money, safety, the economy, the future … what if this? what if that?

Remembering that we are connected to the unified field – the collective consciousness.

So everything that we might be feeling is super magnetized.

And thus the unconscious mind can utilize this magnetism to bolster its cycles of limiting stories and beliefs.

Literally journal and write down everything that is coming up for you.

I call it a VOMIT journal, write it down exactly as it is.

In its absolute rawness. The more one can be vulnerable the more one can demagnetize the cycle.

And when it on paper then you can just observe it.

If you are more of an expressive person, then speak the fear to someone who can hold space for you without judgment.

And then eventually Challenge that fear?

Is that fear limiting? Does it have an expiry date? Is it only considering the worst possible scenario?

What about the power of love to transform?

What about the human heart that knows no bounds?

What about humanity awakening to their interconnection to all of life?

From the heart, we can really begin to dissolve these fears.

Ultimately, these fears hinder a deeper connection to faith in the divine.

And faith is deepened the more we practice meditative activity…keep reading…

Are you trying to bring on your spiritual awakening? Read Lucid Dreaming As A Gateway To Spiritual Awakening

Perspective #6 – Leadership and the practice of virtues 

This time in seclusion and lockdown invite a grand opportunity for the practice of virtues that awaken the heart.

Can you embrace this time to be grateful for what you have in your life?

Find the beauty in the small things, through continued presence we can find more gratitude in our hearts for the subtleties of life.

Family – people who love and care for you – shelter – food – the smile you received today…

And without all the other craziness, work – eat sleep repeat cycle.

What is truly there beyond that? That we are too busy to recognize and acknowledge.

Can we practice more compassion? To know that others may be doing it tougher than you.

Can we through the power of love, and humility dissolve our separation?

During this time, leaders must rise.

Those who have dispelled their fear, and can be the way-showers of a new way.

Those that can embrace these virtues.

To send a ripple of hope throughout humanity.

Know that we are all moving through this together, and your ability to find the light in times of darkness is a domino effect to light up the world.

Perspective #7 – Move the energy 

We can get lost and our minds.

We can go through patterns of looping, the same thoughts with the same conclusions.

Over and over again.

How to break this patterning and gain some freedom and perspective?

Move the energy!

The physical practice can do this.

Yoga, online pilates, online stretching, gym workout at home – whatever it is.

Play your favorite album – dance and shake it out! Music was made for expression.

Be creative, it’s amazing how you can redefine a space for a certain activity.

And maybe keep that space you create, as the place you go to “move the energy”.

Perspective #8 – Introspection, meditation, and prayer

This current crisis is an opportunity for introspection.

During this current time of the personal and planetary purge, it’s more paramount than ever to devote time to connect with the divine.

Through solitude – to tune in deeper to your heart and connect to the divine.

Whether you do this by meditation, yoga, dancing, listening to satsangs from Alan Watts (Shunyamurti, Sadhguru, Mooji, Adyashanti) or other beings of heart coherence – now that there is sufficient time there can be no excuses. See this time in solitude/lockdown as a gift.

And within this connection, naturally, a deeper trust and faith in the higher intelligence, in its perfection for this orchestration has a divine purpose, that is really challenging to say whilst in the storm.

But when the storm of the mind calms, and peace presides, from that space to we reclaim clarity, intuition, trust, and faith.

Open the dialogue to the higher intelligence. Pray for strength, compassion and unconditional love.

If you can’t go outside – go inside.

Have you ever experienced a spiritual awakening in yourself? Read 14 Unique Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

Perspective #9 – The heart field is your protection always and forever 

The power of the sacred heart.

Science from the Heartmath Institute aligns with what the east has been saying for thousands of years, is that the human heart emits a toroidal energetic field.

This toroidal field is able to influence the very particles (electromagnetic & magnetic) that our outer world / physical reality is made off.

So the coherence of your heart field is your protection against all diseases.

And further science is showing, the more we are connected and in coherence with the heart, we are also changing our biology, physiology, genetics, DNA – all of it.
So another important time of initiation to connect to your heart field.

Sometimes to get deeper into our hearts, we must embrace forgiveness.

What are you waiting for? No longer carry this burden, release it and be free, be forever protected by the power of love.

As love is the greatest power, this is what the heart field emits.

Love is the greatest transmuter – it transforms all particles.

A simple practice – the mantra – “ I am loving awareness”.

Put your hands on your heart – and connect.

Use visualization to imagine the violet flame around your heart – burning and transmuting all that is a barrier for your to embrace this great power that lies with you (LOVE).

Perspective #10 – Pure Potentiality of the Unified Field 

Through the toroidal field of the heart, we connect to the unified field of pure potentiality.

We can only feel this when we are centered in our sacred hearts.

We have all experienced the magic of connection to the unified field. Synchronicities, one in a million coincidences.

As we embrace and come into space of contentment, trust and a deeper connection to ourselves during this time.

We can literally begin to change the potentials of what will transpire.

There are many satellites, that now can measure the electromagnetic field of the unified field.

If we all begin to embrace heart coherence during this time, we can by the pure potentiality of the unified field – begin to sow the seeds to create a whole new reality for ourselves as a collective. As humanity.

Answer the call lightworkers for heart coherence. Together we can begin to dream a new way of life.

Perspective #11- The divine plan 

This is a perspective, that with the cloud of fear we may not be able to see the jewel with the lotus.

They may yet be deeper reasoning behind these waves of collective turbulence.

As a mechanism for awakening.

In the Kali Yuga, this epoch of time, suffering is often the catalyst for awakening.

Sometimes it is at the point of our greatest suffering, that leads to the pathway of our greatest awakening, our greatest transformation.

Turbulence like this can only bring about eventually reflection and introspection.

The game is up.

It is not working.

The new way is ready to be seeded.

It may take a few more waves, but we cannot deny fate.

The fate that love will prevail, even in the darkest of times, we cannot see the light.

One spark will light a million.

If you want to know more about how you can ignite your spiritual awakening, then check out this video below:

Retreating Into The Inner Sanctuary And Igniting Your Spiritual Awakening

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