I Was Rejected Last Week, and Here’s What I Learned

Creative people often have to wait for gatekeepers to approve them in some way. Whether it’s a publisher, record label, art gallery, or something else, we spend a lot of time waiting for others’ approval.

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But today, you don’t need to wait for someone else. You can take control of your life and get your creative work out there so others can experience it.

5. Remember all the great leaders who faced failure and rejection.

Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs all faced rejection or failure at some point. But they persisted. They were resilient. They had the right attitude. They kept at it until their dreams became reality.

Did you really think success was going to come so easily? Not a chance. The trials we go through are shaping and molding us for something greater down the road. But we can only make use of these disappointments if we have the right attitude.

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Kent Sanders
Kent Sanders is a writer, professor, and creative coach. He is also the author of The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey, and host of the Born to Create Podcast. Kent's mission is to help others unlock their creative potential. You can find lots of resources for creative entrepreneurs at his blog, KentSanders.net, where he writes about creativity, mindset, and productivity.
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