How To Survive Thanksgiving With Family That Is (Sometimes) Toxic? 12 Tricks To Master The Holiday Dinner Drama


How To Survive Thanksgiving With Family That Is Toxic? Tricks

Navigating the dinner table with a side of family drama? We’ve all been there. But fear not, because we’ve got your Thanksgiving survival guide right here. These 12 mental tricks on how to survive Thanksgiving with family that can be toxic.

Family gatherings, while intended to be fun, can sometimes become a breeding ground for tension and drama. Whether it’s differing political views, unresolved conflicts, or clashing personalities.

So that is why we have a few mental tricks for you. These are your secret weapons to not just survive Thanksgiving day 2023 but to do it with grace and poise, even when dealing with the most toxic family dynamics.

How To Survive Thanksgiving With Family That Is Toxic

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Here’s How To Survive Thanksgiving With Family This Thanksgiving Day 2023

1. Dive Into Your Emotions

Ever played emotional password? It’s time to start. When those frustrating feelings rise, keep asking yourself why. Dive deep into the layers of your emotions to understand the root cause.

It’s like a psychological treasure hunt, and the prize is emotional clarity for surviving Thanksgiving with family.

2. Take a Step Back – Literally!

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a physical step back. Ten steps, to be precise. Changing your physical proximity can offer a new perspective.

Sometimes, the simple act of moving can shift the entire emotional landscape. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your family interactions.

3. Inhale, Exhale, and Tap Your Heart

Stressful conversations making your heart race? Breathe deeply and slowly. Add a gentle tap to your heart—it’s a chakra point, and it can work wonders. This simple act can help you center yourself amidst the chaos, keeping your emotional balance intact.

4. Compartmentalize Your Emotions

Leave your work, business issues, and love life at the door. Compartmentalize your emotions if you want to survive Thanksgiving day 2023.

Thanksgiving is not the time to bring the baggage of other aspects of your life into the mix. Clear your mental space for dealing with family dynamics without unnecessary distractions.

5. Ensure Your Thoughts Are Crystal Clear

Clarity is key. Before getting entangled in family drama, get 100 percent clear about your thoughts. Is the narrative playing in your head accurate? Separate fact from fiction to avoid unnecessary emotional turmoil.

6. Strive for Objectivity

Remind yourself not to exaggerate the truth in your favor. Objectivity is your ally. This mental trick can help you navigate through family discussions without adding fuel to the fire. Stick to the facts and maintain a clear perspective.

7. Persevere in the Search for Truth

Sometimes the truth is elusive. Keep searching for it. If your initial assessment doesn’t align with reality, persist until the right words and understanding emerge. Patience is your ally in unraveling complex family dynamics.

8. Acknowledge Your Actions – Pleasant or Unpleasant

Own your truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Acknowledge the role you play in family dynamics, whether positive or negative. Accepting your actions is the first step towards gaining control over the situation.

9. Take Your Share of the Blame

In conflicts, it’s rarely one-sided. Reflect on your actions and be willing to take your share of the blame. This humility can be a powerful tool in diffusing tense situations and fostering understanding.

10. Be Accountable

Accountability is the linchpin of control. Be accountable for your words and actions. Knowing that you’re responsible for your part in the family dynamic empowers you to steer conversations in a more positive direction.

11. Mental Preparation for Emotional Turmoil

Forewarned is forearmed. If you anticipate friction with a particular family member, mentally prepare yourself. Set the goal to stay pleasant and keep your true feelings on the back burner. It’s like emotional self-defense for family gatherings.

12. Proceed with Grace

In the face of familial challenges, maintain your composure this holiday season. Be respectful and, when necessary, keep your distance. Proceed with grace, recognizing that your demeanor can influence the overall tone of the gathering.

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This Happy Thanksgiving day 2023, armed with these 12 mental tricks, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving. Negotiate family dynamics with finesse, and remember, the power to transform the atmosphere lies within you.

Cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving filled with understanding, patience, and maybe a little less drama!

how to survive thanksgiving with family

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