How to Stop Caring What Others Think: 5 Reminders

How Stop Caring What Others Think Reminders

Yes, be kind and generous.

Be diplomatic and non-judgmental.

Do look at the big picture. Don’t become overly selfish. And, finally, do consider how your choices affect your loved ones. Most importantly, remember that your loved ones want you to make the choices that make you happy.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that what job you take, where you live, or what lifestyle you choose will hurt someone else.

They won’t. On the other hand, if you don’t stop caring what other people think, and you keep living life according to other people’s terms, you will be the one that’s hurting like hell.

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Something that has really helped me to make peace with this is this beautiful meditation of words which I adapted from Soul Consciousness Coach Jessica Reid’s tips to me. Whenever you feel like you’re drowning in other people’s opinions, meditate on this whilst focusing on the people whose opinions are affecting you:

I send you love and light. I wish you can find your own alignment and happiness on your own terms. I love you but I’m doing what’s right for me.

That’s my take on my journey of maneuvering opinions. I hope it helps you, at least a little bit, to stop caring about what others think.

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With love, light, and happiness,

x Susanna

This article, written by Susanna Halonen,
originally appeared on The Happyologist blog and is republished here with a Creative Commons license.

How to Stop Caring What Others Think
How Stop Caring What Others Think Reminders Pin
How to Stop Caring What Others Think: 5 Reminders
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