How Pure Is Your Soul? Find Out With This Quiz

How Pure Is Your Soul

Do you think you are 100% pure soul? Have you ever tested how pure are you really? We at Mind Journal have come up with another interesting quiz to help you know how pure your soul is. 

The purest soul feels hurt to keep a secret or tell a lie. Such people have strong morals and one-of-a-kind innocence. Even when surrounded with impure souls, they are least contaminated. Driven by honest intentions, they always shine bright like the sun. 

Those having a pure and clean mind, body and spirit – are inclined towards spirituality and stand for morality. They are virtuous and know how to give without expecting anything in return. Their actions are not motivated by self-interest, but for the greater good. Pure souls are empathetic! It’s hard to find them gossiping, feeling jealous or trying to boost their ego.  

Pure souls can never fake emotions, so they can maintain a stable relationship with everyone. People are drawn towards them for their generosity, reliability and trustworthiness. They are positive and always smiling and happy! Not only good to others but they are also good to themselves. 

Spiritual seekers say that higher the self-realization, higher the awareness of, ‘I am a Pure Soul’. When your soul is pure, you are calm and peaceful.

Why not take a moment out to reflect on yourself and find out how pure are you?

Let this innocent test help you!

You have to answers 9 questions designed to test what you consider innocent or cute, your outlook towards people and work, and your opinion about lying or stealing. Complete all the questions to know how pure you may be, how you see the world and the choices you make. To get honest results, be spontaneous when answering each question. 

Let’s Click Start

What are you, pure soul or smokey soul?
Let us know your results in the comments below.
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How Pure Is Your Soul
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How Pure Is Your Soul? Find Out With This Quiz

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    Hi I don’t know what to say but thanks to everyone who understands and supports me. Love you all.

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    Rubalpreet Kaur

    I always take ur quizzes and I never got any wrong answer. It creates amusement in my life . Thanks for making these type of quizzes .keep it up

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