How Good Is Each Zodiac Sign In Keeping Secrets

How Good Is Each Zodiac Sign In Keeping Secrets

How well do you think you are at keeping secrets? Well, your zodiac sign might help you get an answer to that intriguing question! 

There are some people out there who just can’t keep a secret. They’ll end up blurting it out one way or the other. For those people who can’t instinctively tell who to trust, a good way to find out whether a person can keep secrets is by looking at their zodiac sign.

Some signs will keep your confidence no matter what, but some will reveal whatever you confide in them at the drop of a hat. And then some will keep your secrets based on how serious the situation is.

Here’s what each sign will do:-

1. Aries

If you tell an Aries a secret, you’re just asking for trouble. They’ll never actually want to hurt you by telling others something you’ve told them in confidence.

But, they were just born without the ability to check themselves in these situations. No matter how close you are to an Aries, it is always better for you to keep your secrets to yourself.

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2. Taurus

For a Taurus, a secret is a secret. They don’t believe in the fact that secrets that aren’t their own should be revealed to others under any circumstances.

Even if the secret has lost its relevance they’ll keep it close. You can trust them to never betray you despite the number of years that have passed and the way that circumstances have changed.

3. Gemini

What you need to know is that Gemini really, really, REALLY, wants to keep your confidence. And what you must never forget is that they are completely incapable of doing so.

If a Gemini could speak at birth, they’d probably start gossiping about all the juicy things they heard from their mother’s womb. They live for the reaction they get when they reveal interesting information in front of other people. On the bright side, they’re not secretive about their inability to keep a secret. Gemini will always warn you and it is up to you to decide what to do after that.

4. Cancer

Cancer is the quintessential mom friend who always knows when you’re feeling down and are in need of someone! But, Cancer is still not good at keeping secrets. Their emotions are too volatile and whenever they get overwhelmed, they’ll spill the beans just to find their balance again.

The weight of having to carry their own emotions as well as the emotions of the people around them due to their natural empathy makes it harder for Cancer to keep secrets.

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5. Leo

If Leos ever find themselves in a situation where someone is trying to goad them into telling a secret, they’ll jump through hoops to avoid being in that spot. Once Leo gives their word, they’ll never break it.

Moreover, they consider trivial things like gossip to be beneath them. They’re not going to give you any information so you might as well save your breath.

6. Virgo

Virgos have no problems in keeping secrets. The only question here is whether you’d like them to hang on to you and constantly give you advice. Fixing things is their life’s calling, so when you tell them about some issue you’re facing, their brains will immediately start whirring with all the ways they can help you!

Their intentions are good but there are times when you’d just want someone to listen without telling you what to do.

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