How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Themselves In Love

Every personality type has a unique stance and perspective on love and romance.

While others prefer to be coy, others exert their charm by being assertive and direct.

Read on to find out how your Sun sign handles themselves in the love department.

1. Aries:


You’ll come right out and say what you want – and with the right person, it’s a turn-on. Play your opposite every once in a while, too. Keep them guessing.


2. Taurus:


You’ll appeal to all their senses at once. When you get all turned out, you’ll look touchable, smell divine and you’ll shimmer, too. You’ll understand that your presence is something special.


3. Gemini:


You have a little bit of knowledge on a lot of topics – enough to get the conversation rolling in an exciting direction. With you, the witty and casual flirting clicks almost immediately.

4. Cancer:


Lull your love (or potential love) into a relaxed state of complete trust and openness. You do this by providing every comfort and catering to your love’s unique appetite.


5. Leo:


You’re feeling rather shocking these days, and you enjoy making a sport of raising eyebrows. Transfer your need to stir things up to your love life and you’ll create some truly exciting scenarios.


6. Virgo:


You’ve got it all going on. Your life is in order. You’re the complete package, well rounded and well versed. All you have to do is share all that with someone who can appreciate how ‘with it’ you are.


7. Libra:


Take the roundabout route to love. Let your mouth say one thing while your eyes say another. Insert yourself into the consciousness of your loved one without him knowing whether or not you even care for him.

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