How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts


How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

Do you know how each zodiac sign flirts? Yes, each sun sign has its unique set of zodiac flirting skills and if you are curious to know what is your flirting style according to your zodiac sign, then keep reading!

For some of us flirting can be effortless, but it can be a tough task for others. Whether you are an expert on pick-up lines or your flirting techniques need some work, know that your zodiac sign traits have a huge influence on your flirting moves. Want to know how zodiac signs flirt?

Here is an article that would detail how each zodiac sign flirts.

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

Without any further ado, let’s dig into how each zodiac sign flirts with people.

1. Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries is assertive and direct
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Aries is assertive and direct in their approach.
  • Never afraid of making the first move
  • They will stare at their interest to make sure they are noticed

Aries being the fire sign is super passionate about dating. They are never afraid to make the first move. As they are a ram, they love bold, direct, and loud romance. They enjoy a fiery and spontaneous flirting game. 

They always make sure that their crush knows about their intentions. They will never be wasting their time if there is no response from the other side. They are assertive and direct in their approach.

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2. Taurus (April 20- May 21)

Taurus is conventional and methodical
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Taurus has a conventional flirting style
  • They are also methodical when they venture into flirting
  • They work their way slowly and patiently to build real potential

Taurus being the earth sign moves slowly and carefully when it comes to flirting. They love to flirt. They are ruled by Venus- the planet of love. They are charming and romantic but love to move slowly as they love to blend things naturally. Taureans are a little traditional in the flirting game. They believe in taking one step at a time. They love to surprise their partners.

3. Gemini (May 22- June 21)

Geminis play the game of love on their own terms
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Gemini plays the game of love on their own terms
  • They will keep it hot and cold to not make their crush over confident
  • But at the same time keep them interested

They are a spontaneous, chirpy, and ‘happy-go-lucky’ type when it comes to flirting. They love to make the first move.

They are the champion when it comes to sexting, flirty texts, or memes. Geminis being the air sign are always ready for fun. Their flirting game is altogether on a different level as it is all about witty conversations.

They have a very hot and cold approach towards flirtations. They are moody. They will flirt and talk the entire day and they might completely ignore their crush the next day.

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4. Cancer (June 22- July 22)

Cancers flirt in their mind
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Cancers flirt in their mind
  • They are deeply interested to know their crush
  • They are so subtle when flirting that it often goes unnoticed

When they flirt, they actually do not flirt because they are always looking forward to knowing their crush. They do not like to make the first move. But they are straightforward.

They want to be with someone who makes them feel comfortable, someone who feels homely. The genuine nature of a water sign always helps them to build good relationships based on trust.

Cancerians always believe in making the mental connection first before unleashing their emotional side. They flirt with you but they notice every word you speak, they are very attentive towards their crush or partners.

5. Leo (23 July- 22 August)

Leo is the most charismatic flirts
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Leo is the most charismatic flirt.
  • They charm their interest with witty conversations to keep them really interested.
  • They believe in over-the-top displays of affection

Nothing is ordinary or normal for them as everything has to be ‘GREAT’ when it comes to a Leo. They are born show-offs. They make eye contact and smile seductively. Their flirtations might only end up being them bragging about their lifestyle, work, or money!

But when they actually end up falling for someone, they work hard towards making that person feel special and loved. Their fiery nature makes them the center of attention.

They are charismatic and great attention seekers. They can easily charm anyone with their magnetic personality. They are direct and straightforward. Their flirting game is very strong.

They demand the same attention and response from their crush that they are giving them, if they do not get the same response they do not think twice before moving on.

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6. Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Virgo never want to take any chance in love
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Virgo never wants to take any chance in love
  • Their approach is methodical
  • They take calculated moves and love complementing

When it comes to being the most calculative one- Virgos have their way. They are best at complimenting their crush. They hardly think from their heart. It’s a Virgo’s mind that makes them the most intellectual sign.

They believe in flirting like a friend and then taking the road down to their fairytale. The earth element always helps them maintain their calm. They are great at doing research.

If you ask anything about their crush, they will know it. They are shy and mysterious as they will never show their true colors until you are into them completely.

7. Libra (23 September- 22 October)

Libras are effortless flirts
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Libra’s are effortless flirts
  • They disarm people with their natural charm
  • They can well adjust to their crush

Ruled by Venus- the planet of love, Libras are the most romantic zodiac sign of all. Their airy behavior helps them adjust easily to their crush.

A libra’s flirting style is silly and enthusiastic. They move with the flow guided by their intuition. They are born with an inbuilt flirt attitude, people tend to think that they are flirting even when they are not.

They are very clear about the signals they convey to their crush. They hesitate to show their feelings for their crush. They are great at managing relationships. They love to mirror the interests of their crush and try to show that they are almost like them. 

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8. Scorpio (23 October- 22 November)

Scorpios are sexually suggestive when flirting
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Scorpios are sexually suggestive when flirting
  • They just pour their sexual charisma into their interest, which often seems to work
  • Flirting is all fun and game to them

To the darkest and sexiest sign flirting is a game and they are the champions of this. They are very bold and upfront. They are an expert in making things intense, erotic, and sensual between them and their crush.

A Scorpio always has control in their hand when they flirt with their crush. They love to drop hints when things get a little steamy. They are the masters of flirting and seduction. Everyone can fall under their spell. They do not waste time moving slowly. They make the flirtation game intense and steamy that it really becomes difficult to resist.

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9. Sagittarius (23 November- 21 December)

Sagittarius likes to keep it casual in relationships
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Sagittarius likes to keep it casual in relationships
  • But when they are really interested they rely on their sense of humor to do the talk
  • They are honest in their communications

A Sagittarian’s flirtation style is based on humor. They are entertainers. They love to entertain their crush, make them laugh, and even surprise them.

They believe in laughing and making the world laugh. Their flirting style is totally based on humor and wit. The funniest of all, they love to amuse their crush.

A Sagittarius is direct in their approach and often misunderstood as rude. But they are very open about conversations. Their fiery personality enables them to go that extra length when they know they are with the right person.

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10. Capricorn (22 December- 20 January)

Capricorns play straight
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Capricorns play it straight
  • They will just willingly admit their interest in someone than playing games
  • Caps will never lead someone on if they are not into them

They are totally radical when it comes to flirting with respect to how each zodiac sign flirts. Flirting for them is just a normal conversation based on their achievements and goals. Maximum times people get confused with their uncommon behavior.

Capricorns are so full of integrity that they would never go out of their way to flirt with someone if they are not into them.

They love to match their crush’s body language. Capricorns are hardly impressed by physical attraction as they get easily attracted to the intellectual side of their crush. They do not play the coy in the flirting game.

11. Aquarius (21 January- 18 February)

An Aquarius would use their intellect to attract someone
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • An Aquarius would use their intellect to attract someone
  • They will challenge their crush on an intellectual level to showcase their interest
  • They have an eye for detail when it comes to their crush

Aquarians are highly intelligent zodiac signs. They get attracted to people who are unusual like them. For them flirting is all about telling their crush about their uncommon interests.

An Aquarian is calculative in nature. They always attract people with their uniqueness and enigmatic aura. They are adept at flirting.

Aquarius always try to make physical contact. For them, the intellectual side of their crush matters the most. They will go to any length to show their affection for you if they really like you. An Aquarian notices the smallest detail about their crush.

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12. Pisces (19 February- 20 March)

Pisces crave deep connections
How each zodiac sign flirts?
  • Pisces crave deep connections
  • Though not very good at flirting, their vulnerability and genuine nature get the attention they seek.
  • They love to share their innermost feelings and thoughts with their crush

A Piscean talks about dreams, fantasies, and fairytales with their crush. As they are the most imaginative zodiac sign, they are always living in their own land of fairytales.

They do not like to make the first move. They are shy, sensitive, and seductive and you easily know it when they flirt.

They are spontaneous in their moves. They are very open about themselves. Pisces believe in baring out in front of their crush. They are honest and equally mysterious.

A Piscean makes deep connections with their crush. They can be easily seen through their conversations. Being open and accepting is the key to their flirting game.

What’s Your Flirting Style According to Your Zodiac Sign?

That’s all for the flirting style of each zodiac sign. So, now you know how each zodiac sign flirts. Let us know your take on the flirting skills of zodiac signs by commenting down below.

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts Pin
How each zodiac sign flirts?
How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts
How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

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