How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

For some of us flirting can be effortless, but it can be a tough task for many of us. As we know that the first impression is the last impression, so based on the zodiac signs a lot can be told about how a person flirts. We can understand ‘Whether they are really into you or is it just for fun or they are just being good to me?’ from the respective zodiac sign.

So here is an article that would provide closure to all your doubts related to flirting. Find out how you would flirt when your crush is around.

1. Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries is assertive and direct

Aries is assertive and direct in their approach. Never afraid of making the first move, they will stare at their interest to make sure they are noticed

Aries being the fire sign is super passionate about dating. They are never afraid to make the first move. As they are a ram, they love bold, direct, and loud romance. They enjoy a fiery and spontaneous flirting game. They always make sure that their crush knows about their intentions. They will never be wasting their time if there is no response from the other side. They are assertive and direct in their approach.

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2. Taurus (April 20- May 21)

Taurus is conventional and methodical

Taurus is conventional and methodical when they venture into flirting. They work their way slowly and patiently to build real potential

Taurus being the earth sign moves slowly and carefully when it comes to flirting. They love to flirt. They are ruled by Venus- the planet of love. They are charming and romantic but love to move at a slowly as they love to blend things naturally. Taureans are a little traditional in the flirting game. They believe in taking one step at a time. They love to surprise their partners.

3. Gemini (May 22- June 21)

Geminis play the game of love on their own terms

Gemini’s play the game of love on their own terms. They will keep it hot and cold to not make their crush over confident but at the same time keep them interested.

They are a spontaneous, chirpy, and ‘happy- go- lucky’ type when it comes to flirting. They love to make the first move. They are the champion when it comes to sexting, flirty texts, or memes. Geminis being the air sign are always ready for fun. Their flirting game is altogether on a different level as it is all about witty conversations. They have a very hot and cold approach towards flirtations. They are moody. They will flirt and talk the entire day and they might completely ignore their crush on the next day.

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4. Cancer (June 22- July 22)

Cancers flirt in their mind

Cancer’s flirt in their mind. They are so subtle when flirting that it often goes unnoticed.

When they flirt, they actually do not flirt because they are always looking forward to knowing their crush. They do not like to make the first move. They are straightforward. They want to be with someone who makes them feel comfortable, someone who feels homely. The genuine nature of a water sign always helps them to build good relationships based on trust. Cancerians always believe in making the mental connection first before unleashing their emotional side. They flirt with you but they notice every word you speak, they are very attentive towards their crush or partners.

5. Leo (23 July- 22 August)

Leo is the most charismatic flirts

Leo is the most charismatic flirts. They charm their interest with witty conversations to keep them really interested.

Nothing is ordinary or normal for them as everything has to be ‘GREAT’ when it comes to a Leo. They are born show-off. They make eye contact and smile seductively. Their flirtations might only end up being them bragging about their lifestyle, work, or money! But when they actually end up falling for someone, they work hard towards making that person feel special and loved. Their fiery nature makes them the center of attention. They are charismatic and great attention seekers. They can easily charm anyone by their magnetic personality. They are direct and straight Their flirting game is very strong. They demand the same attention and response from their crush, if they do not get the same response they do not think once before falling out.

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