Horoscope 9 July 2018: Your Daily Predictions for Monday


The encouragement you’ve been waiting for arrives — although you’ll have to find it. Relax, though — if you can’t quite connect with it today, you will get another chance when you are ready. People are looking out for you and are waiting to give you a leg up if you need it. You are in many people’s hearts, and today you may really start to understand how deep. Group activities will encourage some exploration. Be a team player and give new challenges the old college try!



Despite the array of choices that will be placed before you early on, everything will move along smoothly in your day today — take advantage of these calmer waters by being more reflective than usual. Take a look at what you’re gravitating toward socially right now. Why do you think you’re enjoying this new pace? Once you understand what comforts you and what excites you, you’ll be able to recognize it sooner and make better choices for your long-term happiness.


Are you feeling like a wild horse that’s straining to break loose so it can run free? Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But the fact remains that today you are definitely feeling a bit restricted. Determining who or what is restricting you will help release the tension and get you back on the sunny side of things. To do so, simply take a look at the things you don’t need in your life and everything else will fall into place. The path to sunshine will be clear.


Despite a fairly calm and quiet beginning, today could end up being a massive turning point for you. It all depends on who you are around today — romantic prospects or current partners can influence your receptiveness, so try to keep all correspondence high-level and upbeat. The less distracted you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to recognize an unusual invitation or proposal. A door is opening, so get ready to stick your foot in to keep it from slamming shut again.



Your excitement can be contagious, but today an eagerness to get involved might come off as a bit too intense for people who don’t know you very well. Before adding your two cents, review the situation and let things go for a while on their own. If you’re asked for your opinion, be as diplomatic as possible. New folks on the scene want to show you what they’re made of, so concentrate on listening and watching what they have to offer. They could inspire new exploration.



Every period of adjustment has some rocky moments — this temporary nuttiness might not be causing a carefree day, but it will be over soon! If you feel out of sync with friends, be up-front about it — let them try to set your mind at ease. A long conversation will help you get your head on straight. Are your ears burning? People have been talking about the changes in you — they are impressed and wondering what your secret is. If you want to share it with them, feel free!

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