He Can Be Your Dream Guy

 January 21, 2017

It’s okay if he is not the one who shows up at your front door with cape pins on both of his shoulders, or the guy you envision who lives in a mansion and drives expensively polished cars, or the person who has a fancy 9-5 job at Wall Street. Nope, he doesn’t have to live up to you fantasy. But he can be your reality.

He is going to make extensive research about you on social media to find out all your interests, favorites, and hobbies so he can align them with yours and make you ultimately happy.

He is going to change lane in the unconventional way and work hard in earning your friends and parents approval, because loving you also involves loving the people that are close to your heart.

He is never going to force you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. In fact, He is patient and willing to wait for the perfect timing when You’re ready to open up completely, to commit, and to love wholeheartedly.

He might not be the typical class valedictorian, or the type of classmate who has been granted scholarship, or the student leader who’s delivered so many speeches. He’s not book smart, but he’s strategic in life. He can find ways how to earn decent money for you, for him, for your future. And sometimes, that’s enough proof for being a responsible guy.

And although he admits that he can be a bit of a cliché for skating and surfing on his spare time, that doesn’t mean he’s up to look for troubles. TV has painted guys like him quite badly. He has a heart of gold too; he cares about everyone’s emotion, and has rapport to those who are less fortunate.

He won’t look the other way but to you only. And he will understand that this is a little bit hard for you to believe after all the tragic love story you’ve been through, but you will give you a little time to prove his loyalty, and he will make sure that you won’t regret a single minute choosing him for the rest of your life.

He cannot guarantee you a perfect relationship, yet he can assure you that no day will end without him apologizing for any of his wrongdoings or understanding you for being on your worst mood.

He can be the guy who’s going to make you feel safe and sound, more so protect you at all cost. It is his responsibility to make sure you reach home without even a scratch on my skin, or no one gets to disrespect you when you walk along the streets after work, or be the one who guards you on subway stations at midnight.

You can count on him that he’s going to make it to every Sunday masses you attend, or prayer services you participate, or a meditation hour of the day you perform because you, too, have faith on Someone who’s bigger than all of us, Someone who promises us an afterlife, Someone you can’t physically touch but can feel the presence.

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