12 Common Habits In Healthy Relationships Every Couple Swears By

12 Common Habits In Healthy Relationships Every Couple Swears By

Do you know some of the common habits in healthy relationships?

Having a loving and healthy relationship is like hitting the love jackpot. Unfortunately, some relationships have the love part nailed perfectly, but not the healthy part. If you want a relationship where both of you are equally happy and want it to stand the test of time, then you need to have a healthy relationship above all.

In order to understand whether you are in a healthy relationship or not, you need to see whether you and your partner share certain habits.


Here are 12 Common Habits In Healthy Relationships


1.  Making each other laugh on the bad days.

If you notice a few happy couples, you will find one thing in common- laughter. In order to have a healthy relationship, it is important to make each other laugh, even more so on the bad days.

If your partner has had a crappy day at work, making him laugh and smile will make his day 1000 times better. Understanding their emotions and giving an effort to set their mood right can go a long way in making sure that your partner always feels happy with you.


2. Spending some quality time before going to sleep.

Before you go to sleep, if you talk to your partner and spend some quality time with them, you will sleep much better. Since you both lead busy lives, bedtime is probably the best time to have some nice conversations.

Talking about your day or telling your partner something which you have waited all day to tell them, makes you feel closer to each other. Good conversation is always a good thing, isn’t it?


3. Complimenting each other.

Appreciation and acknowledgment are two of the biggest things that can determine the course of your relationship. Make it a point to give each other compliments every day. Even if you are having a disagreement, make sure that you acknowledge what your partner is saying, instead of dismissing it.

Compliments show that you appreciate your partner a lot, and would rather focus on their good qualities. This will make sure that your relationship remains a positive one, even on your bad days.

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4. Apologizing to the other when needed.

Having arguments and fights are common in romantic relationships and there is nothing unnatural about it. What is important though is whether you are letting your ego come between the both of you or not.

Couples who are in healthy relationships always make it a point to apologize to their partner, the moment they realize they were wrong. They never let their pride and ego come between them and their partner. A heartfelt and genuine apology can work wonders when it comes to resolving conflicts.


5. Accepting each other whole-heartedly.

True love means accepting each other whole-heartedly, with the good and the bad, and this is exactly what couples in healthy relationships do. They know that their partner is not perfect, and some of their qualities will tick them off. But that doesn’t mean fixating on those negatives is the answer.

They know that focusing on the negative is just going to dismantle their relationship further. Happy couples have the maturity to accept the good with the bad, and that helps their relationship to blossom.


6. Forgiving your partner is key.

Yes, your partner might screw up at times. Yes, your partner might end up saying something mean to you. Yes, they might leave the toilet seat up. One of the most important cornerstones of a healthy relationship is forgiveness. If your partner made a mistake, realizes it and is genuinely asking for your forgiveness, then forgive them.

If couples in healthy relationships find themselves in a negative situation, they always focus on forgiving the other and never hold on to grudges. They understand very well that holding on to your anger will simply harm the relationship in the long run.

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