13 Habits Common in Healthy Relationships


1)  Bring laughter to each other on those bad days.

When you love your guy, you will know what perks him up, what makes him laugh. When on a particular day when he is down make efforts to set his mood right. In the bad times he will need your support and when you manage to bring a smile on his face he knows everything will be alright.


2)  Talk to each other just before sleeping.

Talking to the person you love just before you sleep has the most calming effect. You tell each other how good or bad your day was. Telling each other how you had been feeling throughout the day lifts your spirits and you feel light. And then you go deep into slumber holding each other in arms.

3)  Being together under the shower

As your relationship deepens, you start doing intimate things like taking shower together. Shampooing each other’s hair, scrubbing each other’s back is pleasure. Some gals even enjoy scrubbing their guy’s feet.


4)  Help each other with bursting pimples.

We do it all the time on our own. Both the guys and gals have pimples and popping these for each other is a real sweet thing. For some, though, it appears to be a gross act, but as long as you are cool about it, you can help each other.


5)  Buy fast food past midnight.

Being hungry at odd hours and then going for fast food together is another thing they do. Girlfriends and boyfriends do it. While people are normally asleep it is really intimate to do something of this sort.


6)  Develop liking for the same TV shows

Doing or liking the same thing may not always be possible, but we always want our partners to accompany us when we watch that favorite show on the television. The best part is even before we realize this we have already watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones.


7)  Follow a TV program when away with the help of girlfriend or boyfriend.

Both of you love the same TV show, but your boyfriend is away and you are lucky to be at home and watching the show. So both of you message each other or even call. He wants the updates and you are super-excited to let him the new developments and happenings in the show.


8)  Tolerate each other for occupying certain parts of the bed.

Every couple has a comfort spot on the bed and every couple kind of respects that. They would happily allow each other to have it. While one may want to sleep close to the wall alongside the bed, the other may want to enjoy a spot near the window.

Your tall and hefty man can curl up in one corner of the bed while your petite self can occupy the whole bed.

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