15 Fun Galentine’s Day Ideas To Celebrate Female Friendship


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Fun Galentines Day Ideas For You And Your Best Gals

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love – it’s also the best time to celebrate meaningful friendships in your life! Here are some of the Galentines day ideas, dedicated to showing love and appreciation for your girlfriends!

Leslie Knope introduced Galentine’s Day to the world when she played by Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating female friendship and has become quite popular.

So, whether you’re more inclined to a casual brunch or an all-day reading marathon with your girlfriends, our list of Galentine’s Day ideas covers it all. For the more daring, there’s even the option to get matching tattoos!

15 Fun-Filled Galentines Day Ideas For You and Your Best Gals

1. Artisanal Charcuterie Board  

Want to get a little fancy? Here’s one of the lavish Galentines day party ideas – Make an artisanal charcuterie board. Grab some cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts, and crackers to really make it pop.

Lay these bad boys out on a large board then BAM! You now have yourself a tasty and Instagram-worthy spread that’ll be sure to please your taste buds.

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2. Wine Tasting Soiree  

Turn your living room into a vineyard by hosting a wine-tasting soiree. Invite friends over each bringing their favorite bottles while you provide snacks designed to cleanse the palate. Sip on your wines and rate them as you go! Enjoy an evening packed full of laughter and great company.

3. Potluck Night

Share the love and host a potluck dinner where every friend brings their signature dish. Whatever it is whether it’s savory or sweet, you’ll each get to try something homemade all night long while celebrating how different each of your cooking styles are.

4. Escape Room Challenge

Let detective mode take over by mastering the escape room challenge. Whether you decide to do one in person or online, solving puzzles together and cracking down on mysteries will create memories that’ll last forever while also strengthening your bond along the way.

5. Paint and Sip Night

Awaken your inner artist with a paint and sip night. Set up an area at home for some artsy magic following tutorial instructions as you go through the process of creating art.

Don’t forget to be sipping on something throughout it all so that way by the end of make sure to create some beautiful pieces while having fun!

6. Spa Day Bliss

Pamper yourselves with an at-home spa day. Put on face masks, give yourselves DIY manicures with soothing music playing in the background – all aiming towards unwinding after what I’m positive has been stressful weeks collectively.

7. Grown-Up Sleepover At A Hotel

Bring back the good old days of sleepovers but this time, with a grownup twist by booking a hotel room. And guess what? You’ll have more fun now than you did back then.

Have room service, binge-watch movies, and snack on some late-night snacks while relishing in the joy of simply spending quality time with your friends.

8. Fondue Night Fun  

One of the fun ways to into some cheesy goodness with a fondue night. Is it cheese or is it chocolate? Grab a variety of food like bread, fruits, marshmallows, etc. for an experience that’s not just tasty to eat but also interactive.

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9. Psychic Reading Adventure

Go full-on mystical and visit a psychic together. Whether you believe in them or not, one thing is for sure: It’ll be an interesting and entertaining experience that’ll leave you all with plenty to talk about afterward.

10. “Favorite Things” Party

Plan out an entire day filled with activities each one of you would enjoy whether it’s shopping, going on hikes, or visiting local museums – the goal here is simple: have as much fun laughing and creating memories as possible.

11. Mixology Party

See who can become connoisseurs at making cocktails by hosting a mixology party. Experiment different spirits mixed with different garnishes so that every single one of you will have created your signature cocktail.

And it could only mean one thing: A night full of fun new things to try!

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12. A Bake-Off Challenge

Unleash your inner bakers through friendly competition in a bake-off. Choose a theme then gather all your ingredients.

The winner will be determined from who whips up something that’s both visually appealing and delicious treats however let’s not forget what the best part about this whole thing is; tasting all the results together!

13. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of fun and quirky photo prompts and go on a scavenger hunt around your town or neighborhood. Snap the moments with your phones or cameras and relive everything as you share and laugh at the pictures later.

14. Try Drunk Yoga with Your Gal Pals

Drunk Yoga is yoga that’s practiced while intoxicated. Trust us when we say, you’re not living your best life until you’ve tried this tipsy twist on our classic yoga class.

As you lean into a crow pose, take a sip of Merlot and blame the wobble on that, we promise you’ll feel as connected as ever with your ride-or-die.

15. Watch Your Favorite Chick Flick Together

One of the best Galentine’s day ideas is having a cozy movie night with your favorite chick flick, some chocolate, a good bottle of wine, and maybe even some face masks. It’s a perfect way to indulge in drama and laughter.

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Whether it’s a small gathering or a huge celebration, the key is to mark the day with those special people that give your life more meaning. So make sure to have a happy Valentine’s Day with your girls (or shall we say happy Galentine’s Day?)

How do you plan on celebrating 14th February? Tell us your Valentine’s Day plans in the comments below!

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