Freedom is found when you love yourself

Freedom is found when you love yourself
that means all your flaws,failures,missteps too.

You won’t be free until you learn to love who you are.

That includes not only your greatness but your darkness as well.
When you love who you are, you value yourself on a deeper level and you don’t let others make you feel inferior.

Action Tip: Write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself everything you love about who you are. Then add to that list on a daily basis until you awaken to self love.

-Jhon LeBaron


  1. Very beautifully said " write a love letter to self". Nobody can make you feel inferior or superior so long you allow your mind to feel. When you try to find postive energy in everything , you will create a positive energy field. If you constantly think for the betterment of people you dont need to self love to evaluate your own self.

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