5 Forgiveness Exercises To Heal Emotional Wounds in a Relationship

Forgiveness Exercises Heal Emotional Wounds in Relationship

4. Exercise #4

For the fourth exercise, when you are finished forgiving those family members from the past, work on forgiving your partner for those wounds brought into your relationship, and at the same time, seek forgiveness from your partner for the woundedness you bring to your relationship.

Then, see if the relationship improves.

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5. Exercise #5

Finally, persevere in your forgiveness discussions. As an analogy, you do not become physically fit by four weeks or even four months of effort that then is abandoned. You have to keep at it. To become forgivingly fit, you need to set aside even a little time, perhaps 15 minutes a week, to discuss the injustices impinging on either or both of you, from inside the relationship, inside the family, or outside of it……..and then forgive and help the other to do so. 

You do not have to let the injustices of the past and the current inner miseries dominate you or your relationship. Forgiveness offers a cure for the misery and, at the same time, hope for a renewed and strengthened relationship. 


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To learn more about the scientifically-proven power of forgiveness and forgiveness education programs for children in more than 30 countries around the world, visit the International Forgiveness Institute.

Written By Robert Enright
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Forgiveness takes a lot of strength on your part, and not everyone can forgive. Whenever you or your partner finds it difficult to forgive, come back to these forgiveness exercises, as it will help you a lot in your journey. Have faith in yourself, and be strong because forgiveness is a virtue everyone should have.

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