What Is Soulmate Love And How to Find It For Yourself

What Is Soulmate Love & How to Find It For Yourself

Wear it anytime you feel comfortable to do so.

Look at it and think of the amazing man who bought this for you and the amazing life that you’re going to have together

3. Use positivity to align with your soulmate

Create a positive affirmation that you can recite often about the two of you coming together.

An example is:

My soulmate and I are on our way to each other now. Nothing can keep us from apart. We are made for each other. I release any negativity that I have about myself or my soulmate.

Create a list of your amazing qualities that you’ll bring to the relationship. Focus on how you’ll be an amazing soulmate for him. He’s looking for you, too.


In your journal, write down any positive feedback that you get from anyone throughout the day. If a family member tells you they love you, write it down. If a cashier at the grocery store compliments your outfit, write it down. If a random guy on the street says “Hi!” write it down.

Stay focused on how you’re opening up to your soulmate, and the ways that your world is mirroring that back to you on a daily basis. Now that you have an answer to the question of what is soulmate love, it’s your job to go out and find it.

What I can tell you is that the journey to your soulmate is a process. But one that is worth the effort and when you’re with your beloved, it will bring you eternal joy!

If you find that searching for your soulmate is hard, or worse, you’re discouraged, I can help. I offer everyone a free session to explore how we can work together to help meet your goals. You can learn more here.


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Written by Kelly Ann Garnett
Originally published on KellyAnnGarnett.com
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What Is Soulmate Love & How to Find It For Yourself

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