How it Feels Like to Live With Trauma Post An Abusive Relationship


Though you muster enough courage and strength to walk away from the relationship for your sound mental and physical health deep down the pain remains the same. You are far from okay, you are emaciated and numb trying to suppress all the emotions and feelings inside you.

Even after the end of a tragic chapter of your life (the relationship) the new leaf is no green, the new chapter is equally if not more haunting and terrifying. You have lost the sense of existence and trying to ignore and numb down the feelings is doing you more harm than good.

The charm of narcissists makes you believe that whatever you’re going through is normal and slowly you adapt to this and you endure it for so long that when you final return to normal the world seems alienated and so does your feelings, it feels like a whole new world and you’ve no idea how to live in it.

It’s about time you realize that you can either lie there tattered feeling pity on your own condition or stand upon focus on your healing for the injuries that you have in your heart may soon become fatal. It’s time you don’t let the past hold you captive anymore.
It is up to you to stand bank up and gain your composure before the damage gets bigger and you end up falling in much deeper hell.

The first step towards your healing is acceptance, you need to accept what you’ve through and what you’re feeling is real. You need to accept that you broken emotionally and mentally.

You have been cheated, lied, used, abused and manipulated for far too long. The past relationship was an illusion and you were merely a prey. The torment was real and now you have lost your faith and conscience, you get hard time trusting people and often even yourself

You need to allow yourself to heal. The damage is deep and you should let it have the time it needs to do healing, the pieces will be put back together with time and there is no need to hurry. Slowly everything will fall back in place if you take a leap of faith and allow it.

Though the relationship was abusive and you hate to love that person or love to hate that person but still the most difficult part is there are few aspects that you still miss and this stops you from talking to anyone about the relationship. You don’t have answer to how could you miss someone who abused and tortured you for so long.

The main reason for having difficulty in getting over this type of relationship is the charm of narcissist. At one moment they take you on cloud 9 and the next moment drag you to hell. You fall in love so deeply with one side of the person that you completely miss to see the other dark side but when you do you lose yourself whirlpool of emotions.

You miss the person for all the qualities you loved and then at same time fear and hate the dark side. You hate him so much that just the mention of his name trembles you. This crazy dilemma of loving and hating a person at the same time feels so natural yet is your reality now.