Five FAQ About Healing

Five FAQ About Healing

What is an “energy healing”?

Healing is a rather nebulous word that many people use in many ways. Typically, the first thing one thinks of is physical. When approached with the idea of an energy healing most people now are familiar enough with the concept that the body, mind and spirit are connected, so they think that a healing might relieve them of physical symptoms. Absent of physical symptoms though, they might think that an energy healing would not be of benefit. Wrong.

Yes its true that energy healing promotes wellness in the physical (body and mind), metaphysical (where body meets soul energy) and the spiritual (where mind meets soul energy). The whole idea of an energy healing is to align the physical and the metaphysical to allow the soul to shine through our EGO (earth generated opportunity). The ego exists to provide an antagonist to our story, but that is another subject altogether.

Healing is aligning the physical and metaphysical aspects of ourselves to our own soul vibration. This is our optimum.


When would I need a healing?

This is not a one and done thing. One healing will not align you for the rest of your life. A healing is a bit like getting a tune up, an oil change or a wheel alignment on your car. Regular maintenance is a must. Just like one exercise session won’t get your body into a state of wellness, neither will just one healing session. So, how often you get maintenance would depend on you and the type of healing you choose.

Healing sessions can be particularly beneficial to those after a divorce (energetic divorces are quite powerful to assist in moving on), after a stressful time, during a stressful time, after a trauma (even a past trauma), after having a baby, every New Year, when you child goes off to college, after a loss, after leaving a job, upon getting a new job, after surgery, before surgery, when you feel ‘stuck’ or anytime you are just not feeling your best.


What can I expect?

The specifics will depend on your practitioner and the modality of healing you seek out. Willow Song Medicine is eclectic in nature incorporating the modalities of Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Shamanism and crystal healing just to name a few.

Specifically, I begin by assessing the chakras, then intuitively select crystals to lay in a grid on your body (if in person) or on the table (if remote). I then use seven different crystals through each of the seven layers of the aura. After this is complete I fill your space with healing energy and reinforce the work done. I journey to ask your and my guides, spirit animals and light beings for assistance and wisdom. I then recheck your chakras for balance. When they are balanced I know our session is over.

What you experience during your session will be completely unique to you., from crying at the release, to falling asleep and everything in between.

In general, you can expect to feel relaxed and at peace after a session. Your practitioner will go over with you what your experience was during the session as well as what he/she experienced.  You may feel physical relief if you had physical pain. You may feel emotional relief if you had emotional pain.

The work of the session continues for about 72 hours after the session is complete. So, during that time you will continue to notice things happening/changing. You may be more tired, needing to nap. You may have more energy. You may notice your sleep being more deep and restful. You might feel the need to spend some alone time. I always recommend the rest of the day be filled with self-care activity as much as possible.


What’s my responsibility?

Your responsibility is to take the opportunity to further your evolution towards your highest good. It means heeding any advice or feedback given and following your care plan. You will be given valuable information about the thought and belief patterns that are causing you suffering. You will also be given suggestions on how to release or modify those things. Some things may require further engagement with the practitioner. This is not simply a ‘string you along to make more money’ scam. Again, this is an ongoing schedule of maintenance not unlike car maintenance or an exercise regimen.

Care plans are designed to 1) address the acute situation and 2) establish healthy routine for maintenance. This means that your plan will be more intense in the beginning and decrease in intensity as you progress. The idea is NOT to create dependency on the healer. Ideally, your healer will want to see you get to the point where he or she is only needed for maintenance one to four times a year (seasonal treatments are highly effective as maintenance.)

Your success in your healing transformation is directly proportionate to the energy you put into the healing as well. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it.


How do I find the right healer for me?

With so many modalities, options and certifications out there, there is only one way I can tell you to find the optimal healer for yourself.

Do your due diligence.

1) Word of mouth. Truly the best source of referrals. You know someone who has had personal experience first hand. Excellent. But don’t take that blindly. If a friend recommends a healer that they’ve used, take a step back and ask yourself if you’ve noticed a difference in your friend since they first saw that healer. What kind of changes have you seen? Are these things that you would want to see in yourself?

2) A local metaphysical store. Fabulous. You’ve found someone local and they practice out of a shop near you. Before you approach them to be your healer, watch them in the store. Watch how they interact with customers not their clients. How do they interact with the store owner or employee? Kind of like how you would watch how your date treats the wait staff. You want someone congruent, compassionate and kind. My own preference is to not have someone who smokes, I find a healer who smokes highly incongruent. But that’s just me.

3) Online. All healing can be done just as effectively remotely as in person so a whole world opens up now! SO many options how can you possibly find the right one? Stalk them. 🙂

A nice website, is…well…nice. However, it might only mean that they had the resources to pay someone who was really good at their job of web design. It has no real indication of what kind of healer someone is, so stalk them. Google their name and follow the breadcrumbs.

Check out their Facebook pages, groups and profiles. Check out their blog. Check out Twitter, Instagram and whatever else is all the rage. Look at how they conduct themselves when no one is watching. You don’t want perfect, but you want someone authentically kind, compassionate and empathetic. And when they make a mistake you want to see how they handle that.

Most Important!

In doing your due diligence, the most important thing is how they feel to you. When you talk with them either in person, via phone or through text check in with how you feel after you engage with them. Healing begins the moment you start talking with a healer, so if they leaving you feeling ‘less than’ move on to find someone who makes you feel ‘more than’.

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