I Want Someone To Fall In Love With My Scars Not With My Beauty


I Want Someone To Fall In Love With My Scars

Can you love me with my imperfections? For me, I am real. I don’t want someone to fall in love with my beauty or smile, I want someone to fall in love with my scars and tears. I am not the angel you seek, as my wings tore down. My life isn’t full of rose petals but it’s not full of thorns either, but there were some that marked the scars. Can you fall in love with me despite the scars? Can you be that someone who understands the stories and pain behind each scar?

Fall in love

I don’t want someone to fall in love with my laugh, I want someone to fall in love with my silence.

Is real love about finding the perfect person? One sure-to-work way to building a healthy, honest and happy relationship is to be genuinely accepting of your partner for who they are. Unfortunately, not too many people recognize this simple fact. And the reason is that many of us are either too busy looking for perfection or too preoccupied focusing on our partner’s flaws.

I want someone to fall in love with my silence. I don’t want someone to fall in love with my features or my beauty. I want someone to see the world through my eyes. See what I gaze at, what makes me blink, and what makes me want to close my eyes, but what I really want is for someone to see me beside my laughter.

I don’t want someone to fall in love with my lips, I want someone to fall in love with my words.

The moment you recognize that your partner’s flaws and inadequacies are just a distinct manifestation of the same energy in them that you love, their flaws become easier to accept. There are going to be moments when you start questioning their sanity…simply because they don’t agree with your perspective about things or how you want things to be done. This can be a key source of conflicts in a relationship.

The words I speak may not be something that you would want to hear. You also have to respect the lessons life has taught me along the way. You have seen me speaking softly and encouraging words, but if I let someone in my story, I would be blunt, speaking the harsh words, pouring my heart out. The tales that I saw, the images I experienced, those not would be dipped in sugar syrup.

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I don’t want someone to fall in love with my normality, I want someone to fall in love with my absurdity.

I want someone who will focus on the things about me that made that person fall in love with them in the first place. Love isn’t blind. It helps you see everything you’ve been missing all your life in another person who brings genuine happiness and joy into your days.

My unusual habits and my absurd tastes, my peculiar thoughts, and my unrealistic dreams. I want someone to see my madness and approve of it. Someone who wants to dream like crazy with me, someone who will be able to leave the cloak of cleverness and want to be insane with me.

I don’t want someone to fall in love with my beauty, I want someone to fall in love with my scars.

In any relationship, understand that for your relationship to succeed, you will not get your way hundred percent of the time. You have to accept that fact. You have to adjust in some form or shape to accommodate the needs of your partner.

I can’t change my past experiences or programming in a day. It takes time. Those past experiences left the scars that make me who I am today. Those scars are what made me strong. Each one tells a story that reminds me to move forward because time always heals. Those scars will be the main reason why I’ll understand his scars and I’ll know how to heal them and how to love them.

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I want someone who understands where I am coming from and assists me in navigating this aspect of my life. Someone who loves me enough to not demand me to become a different person for the relationship to work.

The truth is, love is never perfect. It isn’t about two people requesting one another to change so that suddenly everything makes sense. Love doesn’t make sense. Love is complicated and chaotic and authentic and flawed. It’s strange and fabulous and someone by your side who accepts you just the way you are, makes this journey more wonderful.

I Don’t Want Someone To Fall In Love With My Beauty, I Want Someone To Fall In Love With My Scars
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