Which Entrance Scares You Most? Your Choice Reveals What You Are Looking For In Life: Quiz


Which Entrance Scares You Most

There are many things that scare us, especially the unknown. Which entrance scares you most in this psychology test? Your choice reveals what you want in life! Hurry!

A study confirms that photos of weird entrances can reveal a lot about your subconscious fears and your personality. In this interesting quiz, you need to select 1 entrance out of the 8 entrances given in the pictures below. Let your imagination run wild! Think of all the scary things that can be present on the other side of the entrance! Select the entrance that scares you the most.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, and lecturer.

The great thinker, Joseph Campbell, lived by the philosophy “find your bliss”. He took a keen interest in all the aspects of mortal existence. He saw that many people are scared to pursue their passion because the path is risky and unfamiliar and they feel unsure.

Clifford N. Lazarus, a licensed psychologist and the clinical director of The Lazarus Institute, opines that fears do nothing other than creating gigantic and unnecessary barriers in our minds that block our way forward in life and prevents us from feeling better about ourselves. He also states that the only way to get rid of our fears is by exposing ourselves to them.

So if you wish to “find your bliss”, you must first face your fears, and to know about your hidden fears in life you must take this quiz. Just like in other quizzes, where, for example, you select a gemstone that attracts you, in order to figure out deeper truths about yourself, in this one-step quiz, you simply need to select the entrance that scares you the most to discover what you are truly looking for in life.

Which Entrance Scares You Most? Scary Entrance Quiz

Which entrances scares you the most? Pick one and keep scrolling to find out more about what you are looking for in life.

Please let tell everyone you know if your results are as accurate as mine are for this personality test!

Which Entrance Scares You Most quiz
Which Entrance Scares You Most? Your Choice Reveals What You Are Looking For In Life: Quiz

1. Entrance Number One- Ice Cave

Which Entrance Scares You Most ice cave
Which Entrance Scares You Most Quiz

If the ice cave entrance scares you the most, then it implies that you are looking for emotional intimacy and warmth in life. What terrifies you the most are emotions of loneliness, gloominess, unhappiness, and frustration.

But the good news is fearing this ice cave entrance is actually a positive sign. It signifies that you are in a happy place in life. You know yourself well and accept who you are, you are confident and never feel that there is something wrong with your personality.

The treasure you are looking for in life is love. If you are single currently, you’re at peace with yourself and crave a romantic connection. Considering that you have a stable and confident mindset, it will be no problem for you to attract and connect with a like-minded person. You probably think that you don’t need a romantic relationship to bring you happiness, but the truth is that a romantic partner can increase your happiness level by a large measure.

However, if you are already in a loving relationship with a romantic partner, you are looking for love from someone else, can be a family member or a friend, or perhaps, you just need a cuddle buddy, so don’t hesitate to bring in a furry friend in your home.

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2. Entrance Number Two- Creepy Tunnel

Which Entrance Scares You Most creepy
Psychology Test: Which Entrance Scares You Most? Your Choice Reveals What You Are Looking For In Life

If this creepy looking tunnel entrance scares you the most, it means that your soul is seeking an emotional journey. 

The muddy, dirty water flowing into this entrance must be creeping you out, right? Murky water symbolizes a clouded thought process, meaning that your mind needs some thorough cleansing. Murky water isn’t a positive symbol. It is a clear indication that you need to remove the heaviness from your mind in order to see your future clearly again.

If you selected this entrance as the scariest of the lot, the treasure you are looking for in life is self-confidence. You need to find out how you are truly feeling. You should also start expressing your emotions verbally in order to fix all your troubles. In certain situations, this might be a difficult thing to do, but you should do it, nevertheless.

Scary as it seems, going through this process will result in the positive outcomes you are looking for in life. There is light at the end of a tunnel– never forget that.

3. Entrance Number Three- Eerie Abandoned Building

Which Entrance Scares You Most eerie
Which Entrance Scares You Most?

If this eerie entrance door of an abandoned building scares you the most, it shows that you’re clever, strong and analytical-minded. You have a practical approach to life and live by your strict set of values. What you are looking for in life is the same kind of company that shares your love for values, and people who are logical-minded and pragmatic.

Brick walls, as seen in the picture above, is a sign of creating emotional and spiritual walls around yourself. It is possible that your high standards intimidate others and they find it difficult to open up to you, likewise, you also find it difficult to be vulnerable before most people.

If you inspect the picture more deeply, you’ll see that the bricks are crumbling down, symbolizing that you do want to let down your guard and express yourself freely.

The treasure you are looking for in life is emotional and spiritual satisfaction. You crave to connect with someone at a level so deep, that it cannot be expressed in words or from a place of intellect even, it is just something that can be felt with your entire being. Just like the grass trying to sprout through the rubble, you are trying to attain a higher level of spiritual and emotional connection, which you know will finally make you feel complete.

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4. Entrance Number Four- Spooky Deserted Hut

Which Entrance Scares You Most ispooky hut
Psychology Test: Which Entrance Scares You Most?

Did the first glance at this picture feel like a warning sign? That a series of unfortunate events in about to begin? If yes, that’s because this picture is literally your worst nightmare.

What’s going on in your subconscious mind is that stepping through the door of this crumbling hut will reveal rotting furniture, peeling walls, and abandoned memories. 

You are a person who loves your home; a loving, prosperous home is everything you wish for in life. You are kind, devoted and bold. You adore and protect the people that make home feel like home with all your heart. A crumbling hut signifies the failure to protect your home.

What you are looking for in life is wealth to secure the life of those you love. 

On the other side of this scary entrance, you might find a hidden treasure amidst all the debris. Perhaps a precious family heirloom, old coins, or something valuable that can be exchanged for money to provide your family more security.

In order to build your wealth and be stable financially, you need to work as hard as you possibly can and save every penny except for spending on the necessities. You might feel like providing your loved ones instant materialistic joys, but back off! For their future good. Give them all of you, emotionally, and save your wealth. They will thank you for it later.

5. Entrance Number Five – Old, Deep Well

Which Entrance Scares You Most old deep
Psychology Test: Your Choice Reveals What You Are Looking For In Life

Peeping down an old, well that seems almost bottomless is no doubt terrifying. It’s hard to even imagine what it’s like down there. If you fall by mistake, what then? Will you be stuck in there forever?

Being stuck in a well is a frightening thing, but also pretty boring. You’re just stuck there with your own fears, with nothing to do, just waiting till someone is nearby and you can scream for help. Symbolically speaking, some people might find such a lonesome situation appealing, as they can spend time with their own thoughts and get to know themselves better. 

But if this entrance scares you the most, clearly, you aren’t that person. You already know yourself. You’re a self-assured and company-loving person. 

If you’re terrified of the well, the treasures you are looking for in life are adventure and excitement. You want to go out there, be active, explore, and just enjoy all that life has to offer. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation that makes you feel oppressed, like you can’t breathe, you should just try your best to break free.

Go outdoors, travel, and act on your impulses from time to time! You need to let your true nature freely express itself, that’ll make you happy. Moreover, all these adventures will give you lots of interesting content to share with friends and loved ones.

6. Entrance Number Six- Rabbit Hole

Which Entrance Scares You Most rabbit
Which Entrance Scares You Most? Your Choice Reveals What Do You Want In Life

Does the thought of going down a deep burrow make you want to run the opposite way? That’s because you are afraid of all the strange things you may find hidden there.

You are a person who is comfortable in familiar surroundings, but you’re unsure of what exactly you want out of your life. Fear of the underground symbolizes that you are scared of digging deep. But there are many parts of yourself that are dying to be unearthed.

The treasure you are looking for in life is meaning. It’s high time you started exploring what you truly long for and seeing where that takes you.

You need to engage your curiosity. Remember the title character, Alice, in the book, Alice in Wonderland? Like her, you need to tumble down the rabbit hole of your thoughts. You will encounter things that are strange and troubling. But the whole point of unearthing all the bothersome thoughts is understanding how you feel about them, so you are closer to discovering the thing that can truly bring you real happiness. 

If you need some help to get started, try this exercise: take a pen and paper and write “what is the true purpose of my life?”, then start writing the first thought that comes to your mind, and if that doesn’t make sense, strike through it, and think of something else and write that down; repeat until you find the one thing that feels right instinctively.

7. Entrance Number Seven- Old Descending Stairway

Which Entrance Scares You Most stairway
Which Entrance Scares You Most?

If the image of a descending staircase entrance scares you the most, it means you have a very powerful fear in your heart. Going down the stairs into an underground chamber symbolizes burial.

Also, the steps are strewn with fallen leaves which is indicative of a new season, a new phase in life. If this entrance scares you, your biggest fear is death and the thought of what lies after that. You have an undying thirst for life and want to reap the many fruits of a good life. But sometimes, you overindulge.

The treasure you are looking for in life is good health. You need to take very good care of your body and mind to stay healthy and alive as long as possible. In order to achieve this, there’s no need to drastically change your lifestyle.

It’s the small changes that matter– incorporate more green veggies in your diet, cut out or at least reduce bad habits like smoking and drinking, go for a 15-minute walk every day, and you’ll be surprised by the wonders these little changes bring about in your overall mental and physical health. It will also make you appreciate life more (which you already treasure deeply).

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8. Entrance Number Eight – Blue Door Amidst Stones

Which Entrance Scares You Most blue door
Which Entrance Scares You Most? Your Choice Reveals What Do You Want In Life

If this entrance amidst the moss infested stones scares you the most, it’s for the best.

The door is a lively blue color, a color that reminds you of the beautiful sky and ocean. But let me tell you that once you step through this entrance, you’ll leave those beauties of nature far behind, maybe for the rest of your life. 

The color blue symbolizes stability and trust, which are also the defining characteristics of your personality. Since you are a consistent person, you get a lot accomplished, and your high productivity gives you a sense of pride. 

The moss on the stones around the gate implies a long period of time in a cold, gloomy place, which makes sense because the door leads to an abandoned prison. That’s one place you never want to end up in your life because you consider yourself as a hardworking, honest, and good person who never resorts to unfair means.

However, the strict code of morals that you abide by can sometimes feel exhausting. A break once in a while would feel great, right? 

The treasure you are looking for in life is comfort.

A place of comfort makes us feel calm, helps us unwind, and gives us a sense of safety and security. It keeps us in good spirits so we don’t lose our temper randomly and end up in circumstances that we regret later.

So get started and indulge in some rest and relaxation. At first, you might feel like it’s just a waste of time, but with time, you’ll love the way the r&r pays off.

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Which Of The Entrance Scares You The Most ?
Which Entrance Scares You Most Quiz: 8 Scary Entrance Quiz
Which Entrance Scares You Most pin
Which Entrance Scares You Most Quiz: 8 Scary Entrance Quiz
Which Entrance Scares You Most pin

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