Which Of The Entrance Scares You The Most ?

Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, once said: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Campbell was a thinker who was curious about all aspects of human existence and was known for creating and living by the philosophy “find your bliss.” Yet many people are afraid to follow their passions because it’s often a riskier path or they’re not quite sure what sure what it is.

Clifford N. Lazarus, a licensed psychologist and clinical director of The Lazarus Institute, wrote in Psychology Today that fears “do nothing but create huge and unnecessary barriers that block us from moving forward in life or simply from feeling better about ourselves” and that the only way to shake a fear is exposure.

So face your fear in order to find your bliss by taking our quiz. Much like our other quizzes in which you select a gemstone you’re intrigued by to figure out something deeper about yourself, in this one-step test, simply choose the entrance that frightens you the most in order to discover what your soul truly yearns for…

Please let tell everyone you know if your results are as accurate as mine are.





Entrance Number One

If you fear to enter the ice cave, it may be because you are looking for emotional warmth. You are most likely terrified of feelings of loneliness, unhappiness, or frustration.

Yet, fearing this entrance is actually a positive thing. Most likely you’re in a good place in your life; you accept and know exactly who you are and don’t feel like there’s anything “wrong” with you.

The treasure you seek if you enter this cave is love. If you are single, the sense of self-harmony you have makes you ripe for a romantic relationship. Being that you’re in a good place confidence-wise, you will easily attract someone likeminded. You probably feel like you don’t need a relationship to feel happy, you want one to make you even happier.

If you are already a loving relationship, you are seeking love elsewhere, perhaps from a family member, friend, or, maybe, it’s time for you to visit a local shelter and find yourself a new furry friend.

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