Energy Governs Everything And We Control It With The Power Of Our Thoughts


Energy Governs Everything And Control With Power Of Thoughts

Our lives are governed by energy, and influencing this energy is dependent on us. We can control the energy in our lives with the power of our thoughts.

Everything is energy.

As I am typing this, I am utilizing some of it. I would pick up the coffee cup next, to take a pause before I write more. That is energy. The words typed on the screen are a result of electrons and protons hitting the surface.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

It is simply there, is everywhere around us; in us. To actually grasp the entirety of what energy encompasses, one would need to simply think about this entire universe, which is a huge, unthinkably humongous ball of energy.

In a ground-breaking finding at the Bielefeld University by a biological research team of Dr. Olaf Kruse, revealed that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants.

This provided a solid foundation to believe that even people draw energy from one another in a similar fashion. This explains why we often feel ‘out of the place’ while we interact with a certain group of people while instantly connect with others. The vibes we get are all that makes the difference.

When we behold this positive energy, we aim to pursue it; we try to disseminate it into even smaller pieces or try to magnify minuscule objects, simply because we are curious.

If one were to consider human emotions as energy, curiosity qualifies among them. Why shouldn’t it? Energy is the driving force. You must have heard your parents berating you for being lazy, by asking you to be more energetic. It drives us, it forms us, it destroys; it governs everything comprehensible. Except for our thoughts.

Our thoughts govern energy, and we can handle it with the power of our thoughts. It would be wrong to say that our thoughts create energy, for as mentioned earlier, energy can never be created or destroyed.

Power of our thoughts
Power of our thoughts

But it would be apt if we slightly rephrase it into saying that our thoughts, our stream of consciousness allows us to decipher energy in a way that makes sense to us.

There is always a temporal and spatial shift in this regard, as every human being has a different perspective. While interpretations are relative, whether they are wrong or right, it would lead to the growth of unprecedented human knowledge. But as we all know, no energy is novel. It is simply our outlook towards it.

Every form of energy or energy in its purest form is simply out there. We change it, modify it, dig deeper into it, all according to how we interpret its use. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be unwise to mention that every human action is preceded by a thought. I simply can’t have a thought about a random ‘something’ that isn’t of significance to the self. Even a blank, dark, space in my mind indicates something.

Similarly, whenever we think about energy or our interpretation of energy is always based on what we need it for. Humans are driven by their needs and their thoughts reflect that.

The very crux of this article can be summed up in one word – zeal.

Our being is made up of three components, namely the body, mind, and soul. Replace mind with thought and you will realize what I am talking about. The human body, the flesh, the bones, the muscle, the tissue, all of it is simply a vessel. Imagine working out in a gym. If you simply cut the connection between your mind and your body, would you know what to do with a dumbbell?

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In fact, if you sever the connection between your mind and body, you wouldn’t be able to stand. For your body can’t take decisions on its own. It is a conduit. It can experience, it can feel, but it can never decide. It can never create something straight out of its ideology or mindset. Focus on the last word- mind-set.

The thought is created. It can’t experience, for it is not tangible. It can’t feel, but it can make something out of an illusionary nothing. Our body might simply be looking at a nuclear reactor, not able to comprehend what this monstrosity is, but the mind would quickly comprehend it.

Let’s just be very clear about one thing. Whatever we see is an illusion. There is nothing real. In fact, solipsism states just that. Our thought makes things real. We look at something, focus our senses at it, and realize that this object emanates energy out of it. What we are trying to say is that the human mind is capable of creating something out of nothing.

How does this help? It breaks down the illusion that masquerades reality.

It might never bring forward the eternal truth, but it will bring you your own truth. This is what is desired; for every human being is different and what you perceive as energy, might not be the same for the other person.

The universe is dynamic, ever-changing. Science tells us that atoms, molecules, quarks, protons are constantly moving, changing, shaping themselves by the second or a tinier form of time.

To reiterate what I mentioned earlier, it is exactly this phenomenon that creates an object when you sense it. For all means and purposes, that object might never have been there in the first place. Your will to create that object is what created it.

Doesn’t this ability make you powerful? Knowing that you have the potential to create your own reality is the ultimate power. For let’s be honest, we all want to be true, true to ourselves, and true to our reality. And while that might never be the same for everyone, it is what matters to us. Knowledge to create your own truth, your own identity, will make life simpler for you.

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Creating your own reality gives you control and power over yourself which helps you maneuver forward.

Before wrapping this monologue up, it’s necessary for me to say that we all are looking ahead and behind us, trying to make some sense out of a world that doesn’t allow it. And if our thought would govern how we sense the reality, why not let it?

After all, that is what James Joyce did. He viewed the Universe his own way.

“A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”  –  James Joyce.

If you want to know more about how we can control energy with the power of our thoughts, then check this video out below:

Power of our thoughts
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