The 11 Emotional Energy Centers In Our Body: The Mind-Body-Emotion Connection

emotional energy centers

8. Guilt/shame/unworthiness center

This energy center generally includes the following thoughts, perceptions and feelings –

  • Nonacceptance. 
  • Self-judgment, self-criticism.
  • Not deserving of the good that life offers us.
  • Inability to accept and receive.

9. Support area

This energy center is located on both sides of the body and includes these specific issues –

  • Lack of financial support.
  • Lack of emotional support.

10. Rejection center

The rejection center is the body’s emotional energy center for abandonment issues. It may consist of the following –

  • Criticism, judgment by others.
  • Self-rejection.
  • Abandonment, pain in the heart/heartache.

11. Betrayal center

This energy center usually comprises of the following feelings and issues –

  • Betrayed by someone we trusted.
  • Self-betrayal.

Now that we have gained a fundamental idea about the emotional energy centers of the body, let’s take a look at where each of the these emotional energy centers are located in the body in the infographic below:

The Mind, Body & Emotion Are Inseparable

Our body often tries to talk to us. A gut feeling when something is wrong; a lump in the throat when we feel down; a sudden pain in the torso or maybe suddenly realizing that our shoulders feel heavy. 

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The truth is, the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our being are not separate at all. However, when we believe the mind and body are separate and ignore what our bodies are telling us, emotions become hidden, stored, and stuck in our body, affecting our mind.

The next time you have a random pain in your body, try to listen to what your body is telling and identify the emotion related to it. It will guide you towards the path where you can heal yourself and achieve lasting mental, emotional and physical well being.

The 11 Emotional Energy Centers In Our Body: How They Affect Us
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The 11 Emotional Energy Centers In Our Body: The Mind-Body-Emotion Connection
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