Are You An Early Bird, Or A Night Owl? This Productivity Quiz Reveals Your Personality


Early Bird Or Night Owl? Discover Strengths And Weaknesses

Some people get up at the crack of dawn, while others prefer to stay up late. Turns out that your sleep habits aren’t just quirks; they’re part of who you are. Take this early bird or night owl quiz to learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

Your sleep personality is more than just a fun fact – whether you’re an early bird or night owl, if you dream in color or black-and-white. All of these little details have been looked at by researchers, too. They asked thousands of strangers to reveal their intimate sleep habits, dreams and traits.

So in this sleep personality test we’ll reveal your true character. Ready?

Early Bird Or Night Owl? Learn What Your Sleep Schedule Says About You

Early Bird Or Night Owl? Learn What Your Sleep Schedule Says About You

1. Early Bird

Being an early bird goes beyond waking up with the sun. Research shows that they’re reaping several major health benefits in the process, like better mental health and higher productivity.

So, if you like waking up to the sunrise, here’s what your sleep schedule says about you:


  1. Meticulous: You like to be thorough and systematic with things. Impulse control is strong with you as well as your ability to stay on task.
  2. A Team Player: Early birds are more inclined to be cooperative and get stuff done when working together with others.
  3. You Get Things Done: Goal-directed behaviors are right up your alley; sometimes you even go out of your way just for an achievement.
  4. Not A Procrastinator: Being decisive comes naturally for early birds and waiting until the last minute is something that’s not in your vocabulary.


  1. Stiffness: You can be stuck in doing things one way and one way only. This might make it harder for you to do certain things on the spot.
  2. Adaptability: If a situation changes suddenly and demands you to go against your usual schedule, you will have a hard time with it.

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Night Owl:

Night owls are known to stay up late and thrive during the dark hours. They’re often found working or having fun till the early morning and sleep in longer than others.

More of a night owl? You might have these positive tendencies:


  1. Always Seeking Novelty – The unknown has your name on it, and new things are always welcomed.
  2. Self-Transcendence – Deep inside you’re thinking of the most creative ideas. Your mind is constantly pushing boundaries.
  3. Risk Taker – The fact that you don’t fear taking risks says a lot about your adventurous spirit. It opens the door to many new experiences and personal growth. Keep pushing those boundaries, and let your bravery take you far!
  4. Adaptability: You can easily switch time zones or unconventional schedules, showing off your ability to adapt in any situation.


  1. Procrastination Expert – You always minute every time and you can help it, because who likes getting started early anyways?
  2. Work struggles: It’s very tough for night owls to participate in social or leisure activities during normal daytime hours, leaving them feeling lonely or like they’re missing out on opportunities to meet with others.

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Quality sleep is important for healthy minds and bodies, no matter what your schedule looks like. Whether you’re staying up until the early hours or waking at the crack of dawn, there’s a way to make it work. We hope his night owl or early bird quiz helped reveal some of your strengths and weaknesses.

Early mornings or all nighters, which is harder? Tell us the results of this sleep personality test in the comments below!

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  1. Aradhya Avatar

    I’m a night owl but it’s not true that I find it difficult to participate in activities, and I’m lonely?? Nahh like not at all … Btw it’s 2:32am already gosh i have to sleep

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