Which Door Do You Think Leads To Happiness: Your Choice Reveals Your Personality

Door You Think Leads Happiness

The door you choose, which you feel leads to your happiness, can reveal a lot about your personality, and how you are as a person.

Now, which door do you genuinely think will make you the happiest, after crossing it’s threshold?

If you chose…

1. The blue door.

blue door

You are an emotional person with strong values.

If you chose this door, then you are someone who is honest, trustworthy, and loyal. You are someone who prefers to be surrounded by a few close friends who you trust, rather than have a hundred superficial friends. You are more of a giver than a taker.

Confrontation is something you highly despise, and you would any day choose peace over fighting. You have a tough exterior, but you frequently get hurt by people who ignore the fact that there is a softer side to you too, that just wants love and happiness in their life.

2. The purple door.

purple door

You want power and glory in your life.

If you chose the purple door then you are someone who covets power and glory and believes those are the keys to having a happy life. You are an extremely determined, free-spirited, and confident person, and can sometimes come off as controlling to people.

When in relationships, you are the sexy, mysterious, and seductive partner, but deep inside you have a pure heart, and just want true love in your life. In life, you might be confronted with many difficult situations, but in order to win at them, just connect with your inner spirit and bravery; you will come out with flying colors.

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3. The red door. 

red door

You are the life of the party.

If you chose the red door, then you are a very social, extroverted, cheerful, and amiable person who is always touted as the life of the party. Always full of energy, you have a positive and bubbly personality. You might come across as very competitive sometimes, but deep inside you are a down-to-earth individual.

When you are inclined towards the color red, that means you have a sexy and powerful side to you. Your family and friends always appreciate your positivity and go-getter attitude.

4. The owl door.

owl door

You are a unique and curious person.

If you chose the owl door, then that means that you a very curious person, with a hint of eccentricity in yourself. Your individuality is what attracts people to you, and your sense of independence is always used as an example. You have amazing energy, which never fails to pull people in.

You have a big heart, and a benevolent personality, which your family and friends love. Because you are so confident, members of the opposite sex find themselves drawn to you, and you absolutely love the attention. As a person, you are very helpful and selfless.

Which door did you choose that leads to happiness for you? Let us know in the comments down below!

Which Door Do You Think Leads to Happiness?
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