Understanding Disenfranchised Grief: When No One Understands Your Loss

Understanding Disenfranchised Grief

Simple tips to boost your mental health care when you are experiencing disenfranchised grief:

You can also create rituals like – 

  • Lighting candles or planting a tree in honour of your loss.
  • Visting meaningful places associated with your loss.
  • Holding memorial in a place that holds significance.
  • Writing goodbye letter

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5. Talk to a therapist 

Sometimes grief doesn’t improve on its own and leaving it unaddressed can take a toll on your mental health or push you to think of suicide or self-harm. 

Consulting a grief counsellor or therapist who specializes in grief recovery can validate your experience and offer the right kind of support. Seeking therapy can help you acknowledge your loss, understand your feelings, navigate your thoughts and move forward in peace. Therapists help you realise it’s ok to mourn and offer a safe, judgement-free space to express grief. Also, provide resources on peer or community or self-help support. 

If you are experiencing disenfranchised grief due to perinatal loss or loss of a job affecting your romantic relationship, you may see a couple therapist. This will help you strengthen your bond with your partner and gain the ability to support one another. 

If you are not sure that you need professional help then check out –  11 signs you need to talk to a therapist.

6. Get in touch with a support network 

Your first line of support includes family members, close friends and other trusted ones who can understand your emotional pain and validate your feelings. They are the ones who can take care of you by cooking your favourite meals or organising trips for you or motivate you to see the brighter side of life. Sometimes loved ones too can be critical of your grief if they considered your loss to be insignificant. 

If you are not getting the kind of support you are looking for you can reach out for help from support groups and organizations that are available 24/7. Some of them are listed below:

The bottom line 

Grief is inevitable whether the loss is small or big. Grief is valid whether you are mourning the death of a loved one or pet or penfriend or sad just because you lost a gift that you received on your fifth birthday. But, sometimes society makes it hard for you to express your sadness because your loss surrounds stigma, taboo or something the society perceives as insignificant or fails to recognise. Grieving is your right. Never suppress it or else your physical and mental health will go for a toss. Follow the coping tips, express yourself safely, take the help of trusted ones in your circle. Never hesitate to ask what you need!

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Understanding Disenfranchised Grief PIN One
Understanding Disenfranchised Grief: When No One Understands Your Loss
Understanding Disenfranchised Grief PIN
Understanding Disenfranchised Grief: When No One Understands Your Loss
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