How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships According to Astrology

How and Why Opposites Attract In Relationships

An Aquarian can seem cool and indifferent, but they live largely in their minds, and are concerned with the larger mysteries of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Leos worry too much about what others think of them, let their minds rule their emotions, then regret it later. An Aquarian person wonders if there is more to human contact than intellectual communication. Once a Leo puts a spell on them, they understand that love is joyous, incredible, fulfilling. But it’s hard for an Aquarian to be demonstrative or affectionate, and it’s hard for a Leo to stop holding back, afraid of looking undignified. The Leo must learn that there is no loss of self respect in loving a person in an honest and intimate way. Aquarians accept life and people effortlessly. Leos want to do that, but have too much pride. Aquarians have great freedom of expression, and the ability to be detached and unemotional when it is necessary.

Leo passions have a way of ruling them, even though they too can act calm and aloof when that is not the way they really feel. Leos are ruled by the Sun, and need to be made to feel like a King or Queen, as they do have that regal bearing. They feel neglected fairly easily, and need constant admiration. Aquarians are air signs, and will invite Leos into their thoughts, and think that is enough to show how much they really care. An air ruled Aquarian hints and suggests, but never comes out to say “I love you.” Or maybe it will be said once. Aquarians do not live in the past and are not redundant. They figure saying something once should be enough, that they can express feelings in other ways.Leos express themselves in words, Aquarians more through actions

Aquarians are not direct and forthcoming as Leos are. Compliments and flattering speeches do not come easily to Aquarians, they feel funny expressing love in words. They would rather write a poem, or draw a picture. Leo needs to realize that Aquarians are unpredictable and a bit eccentric, but highly intelligent and special people. They do not give their love away easily. Aquarian figures once something is said, it stands until something different is said. They do not feel a need to constantly flatter someone, and are not hypocrites, they live what they believe. Period. The Leo has to learn that they can say they love a certain food, and the next day the Aquarian can cook it for them like a French chef. The Aquarian will be beside themselves when “Sam” dies, and the Leo will be shocked to find Sam was a pigeon their love used to feed every day while eating lunch in the park. The Leo is noble and generous, something they both have in common.

Leo has deep fires burning underneath their surface, and the Aquarian should never toy with them. But Leo has to learn that a mate will not be submissive to them, maybe they think they are Kings and Queens, but they are the same as everyone else.Both Leo and Aquarians are generous to charities

They are efficient organizers, one more thing both signs have in common. Together they can do great work for charity or any cause they both feel worth their time. They just have problems organizing their emotional reactions as well as they organize and categorize everything else. They love to surprise each other and shower each other with gifts. They are creative and love to travel together. But Aquarians pick up strays and make friends with everyone, and a Leo is more selective. Leos are also jealous.

Aquarians have so much going on they will not always make a Leo the center of their world, a big no-no for Leo. It is best to be the first love of an Aquarian. They will always remember their first love fondly, even if it was a platonic friendship (and Aquarians want their lovers to be their best friends too). Once Aquarian lives become more filled with causes and charities, a Leo mate will still be important, but may not get the regal treatment they think they deserve from everyone. If Leo is mature enough to understand they are loved but cannot always be at the center of someone’s life every single minute, this relationship can work. But the 7-7 pattern is a difficult one, as we are seeing as we go down the list.

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