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3 Tools To Decalcify And Open Your Pineal Gland

3 Tools To Decalcify And Open Your Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a hormonal gland in the deep recesses of your brain. This pea sized organ has a big effect not only on your body but your spirit as well.

The brain has many secret abilities and processes. The pineal gland is found in every vertebrate animal on the planet. The chemicals produced by it are the common denominator for all higher life forms.

To maximize the pineal gland and the surrounding grey matter is to take yourself away from the basic instincts of life and delve into the mysteries and powers of the human condition.

1. Ayahuasca

The Ayahuasca vine mixed with the leaves of the Chakruna bush, makes a sacred tea. This concoction is considered to be the pinnacle of herbal medicine out of the Amazon. There are thousands if not millions of first-hand accounts stating profound healing on psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

Neurologically speaking, the chemicals of this tea cleans out every synaptic chain and neural cell in the brain. As it runs through, removing build-up, it simultaneously activates and stimulates the brain’s pituitary system, hypothalamus, and pineal gland. This process is called methylation.

A variety of of synthetic chemicals and toxins (fluoride and heavy metals being the most prevalent) are readily lodged in the fatty tissue of the brain, effectively blocking neural synaptic firing and disrupting the brain’s natural electromagnetic flow. With over 44,000 toxic chemicals introduced into the every man’s environment since the industrial revolution, we could all use a good brain scrubbing.

If you don’t have access to or don’t care for Ayahausca there are alternatives that can provide similar benefits. Various beets and Goji berries have an abundance of methyl-donors.

2. Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool in virtually every capacity. The wild formations of the natural mind are tamed and energy that would normally go to unproductive means, are willfully diverted to love, compassion and strength.

The mind is an instrument of action. It is always grasping, probing, understanding, and creating. Meditation is a manner of calming the mind, our sense of self. Without proper rest, the mind would continue to race, becoming more fatigued. A fatigued organ isn’t a useful organ.

As the intention and discipline from our minds in the abstract sense, the effects can be seen physically.

Many studies have shown the physiological changes the mind undergoes through meditative practice. As you will it, the body reacts to unconscious desires. The body is constantly reacting to our moods and desires to be best suited to achieving our goals.

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3. Fasting

Fasting has been longed used to achieve many spiritual goals. We consume parts of your planet to lengthen our stay on it. If you stop physically consuming things around you, your spirit becomes free and untangled in the world around you. History has shown us that fasting can improve mental clarity, bring focus to our spirit, and rejuvenate the body.

The cycle of eating is non stop. Our digestive systems are in constant use, always playing catch up. This constant energy-burning and creation never give our bodies the physical focus to heal. When you stop eating for a period in time, all the energy that was used indigestion is now available for other efforts.

The detoxifying element to fasting is tremendous. Without new toxins being introduced into your system, your body is free to take care of what is already present. The body will burn away heavy metals, toxins, viruses, fluoride and various other unwanted build-ups.

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How To Decalcify And Open Your Pineal Gland
3 Tools To Decalcify And Open Your Pineal Gland
Decalcify Pineal Gland


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