Daily Predictions for Thursday, 12 July 2018



A very intense situation that comes up at work will lead you to wonder if you ought to say what you know, or whether you should just keep quiet — and honestly, isn’t that always your personal dilemma? Well, think about what might happen once the truth is revealed. It always comes out anyway, but your mission now is to decide whether you want to be the instrument or the performer. Either way, prepare to shine.



You’re famous for your ability to sense something brewing, especially in a business sense, well before it’s begun to brew. In this case, with the heavens putting out all kinds of perceptive energies, your intuition is definitely running on high — or higher. Some of the things you’re picking up are downright uncanny, as a matter of fact. For example, when the phone rings — I mean, just disconnect the Caller ID! Why bother paying for it when you know who it is before the darned thing even rings?



Back when therapists started talking about the dysfunctional family, you started giggling. Isn’t everyone’s family dysfunctional in one way or another? Of course they are. Fortunately, your family members have probably always tried to be helpful and supportive of your goals. It just might be your turn to help one of them out now. If it’s a big favor they’re asking, don’t be afraid to rein it in, just a bit. Ask for the ability to handle the project in stages, and ask for help. You can only do so much.



You’ve never been famous for saying anything that might deliberately hurt someone — not if there’s a kindler, gentler way to do it. Words can be weapons, and you know that first-hand. Whether there’s lint on their lapel, a run in their stocking or they just so happen to be wearing something that does, indeed, look less than flattering for their body’s structure — if they ask, you’ll find a gentle way to let them know, and they’ll love you for it. If it’s business and there’s a meeting coming up soon, better be sure you also say it quickly.

Source: Astrology.com

Daily Predictions for Thursday, 12 July 2018



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