Daily Predictions for Sunday, 15 July 2018

Daily Predictions for Sunday, 15 July 2018


Maybe you have your eye on a promotion at work. Maybe your ambition is pointing you in another direction altogether. Are you considering changing workplaces entirely? Or maybe you’ve been nursing some sweet dreams of a career switch. Whatever your goals, today is a good day for moving forward. Don’t forget: An important step toward realizing your ambitions is to be realistic about what’s really happening now.



Today at work, you may well experience sudden bright lights and a few rolling-thunder-type sounds. It’s not an electrical surge that could knock out the central computer system! No, it’s a brainwave. Your brainwave! You have a mind-bending, brain-shaking idea headed your way. Go ahead and share it ASAP — it could lead to big changes down the road, for you and the people around you.


This is one of those days when whatever chord you wake up humming could turn out to be the next great classic rock refrain. So play it for your band buddies (or your buddies who’d like to form a band, if they ever get around to it). Somebody in your circle will recognize the touch of genius. Years later, on a radio talk show, they’ll be able to say, ‘I remember the day I first heard that chord. We were in the living room eating cold pizza for breakfast and I just had a feeling about it.’ Sounds pretty good, no? So get out that guitar and have an extra slice of cold pepperoni with mushrooms.



You might want to touch base with a close friend — somebody who knows you really well. They might be just the right helper for what you want to do: Namely, examine a few of the goings-on in your inner life. Are you happy? Happier than in the past? Less happy? Are you being honest about how happy you are? Honest about who you are? Honest about what you want? A friend could really lend a helpful perspective. So dig out your phonebook and start dialing.



 You have a flair for communication. No, you don’t just put things in black and white. Yes, you infuse your communiques with every color of the rainbow: yellow, purple, green, blue, salmon-colored pink, pink-tinted red, red the color of a blush, red the color of a sunset, a sunset the color of a rainbow trout and so forth. With all these many-hued and very colorful expressions, it’s no wonder your friends love to hear from you!



You’re quite an able swimmer in the channels of communication. Whether the waters are rough or smooth, warm or a little bit icy and with a nip that makes other folks’ toes curl, you plunge on in and, with elegant strokes and a regular ‘left right left right’ breathing pattern, make it to the other side. Once you’re there, you’ll be glad to see that all your messages have been received. Great!



Conservation isn’t just for forest rangers, you know. Look around at how you spend your resources (money, energy, emotions, time). Ask yourself whether you’re engaged in a renewable strategy (What do you get back when you spend your energy? A burst of energy in return? Pride in your accomplishments? A headache?). Then start looking at just how you can engage in your own conservation plan.



Whether you use your hands and facial gestures but no sound (like a mime) or you use your voice over the loudspeaker (like a sports announcer) you need to communicate. You might use pictures. You might use poetry. You might use numbers. You might use dates, facts or figures. You might use feelings. Whatever — just get your message out there today.



You’re meant for big things, yes. But maybe they aren’t going to happen today. Or at least, there’s nothing you can do to make them happen today. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting closer every day in every way — it’s just that sometimes you can’t do much to give them a push. So relax, kick back and let big things come to you. Now’s your chance to enjoy a little breather.

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