Conscious Love: When a Man Enters A Woman With His Soul

Want to know how to reach the state of complete and utter pleasure?


There is no room for hesitation or holding back; no questioning, no wandering. You must be one hundred percent in the moment or else call it quits.

Physical Intimacy goes beyond the traditional, biological meaning. We are nearing the second decade of the 21st century, wider spectrum are seen, broader definitions are more accepted.

Physical intimacy obviously exceeds what we are taught in our high school biology classes. Society constructs its meaning as much as we definite it for ourselves. Physical Intimacy is a ground for exploration.

Physical Intimacy is the most intimate experience we have. We aren’t just exposing our bodies, we are holding bare our souls, the seen or unseen scars, we are exuding sounds, scents, movements; we are exposed to the fullest.

Many find it a vulnerable process, some are extremely comfortable with it and is most of us handle it with caution.

One must be comfortable with their partner, attain familiarity, for it ought to be a mutually pleasurable experience.

We also must remember that this bodily union shouldn’t be treated as an obligation. It is an exploration that should be embraced. It should not be required or something we hinder from.

To make love can be a lovely experience, if we are deeply connected to each other.

Physical Intimacy Is Energetic

In order to perform or even to begin, there must be some amount of energy. We know that animalistic hunger; we know what it is like to lose patience and rush toward the moment. We also have had those casual, more tender love making moments. The act’ doesn’t always have to be an urgency.

Think about what you miss out on when you dive right on in. Be aware of that energy, also, try not to act on impulse.

Conscious Intimacy is when both partners surrender themselves together in love, they open up to one another in the most profound form.

Lay down with your partner, take each other in. Caress, kiss, engulf each other’s presence, get engrossed in your partner’s body, indulge in his light touch, savor the feathery touch of his succulent lips over yours, burn in the fire lit by his touch on every inch of your skin; commit his word to memory, bottle up his voice, his scent.

Make this a sacred moment, for it has a dynamic power that needs to be understood as much as it needs to be dealt with.

For many it is the understanding and handling that is the difficult part. This is where we falter to appreciate the spirituality of physical connection.

It is more than just a physical and emotional experience, there is a holistic nature to it that can be obtained.


A Man Entering A Woman With His Soul

He will not boast, compare or dominate. There are no specific roles or tasks to take on. He will never make the moment uncomfortable in any way, shape or form. He will show her what he knows, by giving her his energy. He provides that safe place that is so crucial.

He will hold her, admire her, honor her, make her feel enigmatic and gorgeous. He is the confidence and strength she may need to reveal herself in the truest form. He is willing to be gentle and emotional. He will never blockade his softer side. He envelopes her in love and sensuality.

He is truly candid with her, for he is never afraid to show his every side to her. By opening the door to true intimacy, he bares his soul to her.

Ever experience that moment when your body flows in accordance to the swirl of emotions your heart is pumping?

Have you relished the moment when categorizing everything you are feeling is impossible? When you are completely at one with your partner and you are certain you have reached the point of no return?

If so, then you have experienced true intimacy. You both have opened the gateway to each other’s souls, way beyond the physical body. Through each other you will continue to give, you will continue to receive and you will continue to please. Through each other, you will continue to grow.


“To enter into a state of pure connection with your child, you can achieve this by setting aside any sense of superiority.” - Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent
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