10 Speedy Ways To Connect With Your Spouse When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Time

Speedy Ways To Connect With Your Spouse

When you have been married to each other for a very long time, things might become a bit boring and stale after a point. But no matter how long you have been married to each other, it is very important to give an effort to connect with your spouse, even when you don’t have a lot of time. This will ensure that the spark and romance in your marriage remains and you never feel bored with each other.

Couples that don’t reconnect, disconnect. It’s important to stay on top of your relationship constantly, yet with life’s hustle and bustle, it’s hard work to focus on your marriage all the time. Reality check- marriage is hard work, so don’t make excuses for not spending quality time with one another. Make it a non-negotiable. Here are 10 speedy ways to connect daily so your relationship stays strong and healthy.

10 Speedy Ways To Connect With Your Spouse When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Time

1. Greet one other with excitement at the end of the day.

The six-second kiss is a kiss with potential. In long-term relationships, complacent pecks of parting and greeting can easily be overlooked. Make your kisses count.

2. Hold hands while binge-watching your favorite show.

It takes little effort to touch and there’s immense power in holding hands and cuddling. Raising endorphins (hormones that create a euphoric effect) produces intimacy and closeness.

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3. Give a compliment.

We often have great thoughts about our significant others that stay in our heads. For instance, ”His haircut looks really nice.” “It looks like she’s lost some weight. I’m proud of her.” “He works so hard for our family.” “I love her laugh.”

Don’t forget to sprinkle your spouse with compliments that they’ll appreciate and boost their self-esteem.

reconnect with your spouse
Reconnecting with your spouse

4. Laugh at a joke.

Whether it’s a meme on social media or a silly knock-knock joke, a little humor brightens the tension from the day and goes a long way.

5. Ask an open-ended question.

We tend to make a lot of statements rather than asking questions. An open-ended question elicits conversation, even if it’s a quick one over bath time with the kids. Even better, include your kids over dinnertime.

You’ll be surprised how important a simple question is. Questions make us feel like we’re interesting and important. Who doesn’t want to feel like you’ve just caught the attention of someone you love?

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6. The million-dollar question that I often encourage couples to ask..

before heading out the door is, “What can I do for you today?”. It takes the focus off of ourselves which allows us to do for others.

7. Instead of tag-teaming chores and parenting, do one activity together as a couple.

Whether that’s going to the gym at the same time and working out with your swolemate or cooking dinner side by side, tackling something as a team should be a priority in your daily life.

8. Share a memory.

“Remember that time we got drenched while taking a stroll on the beach?” “What you just said reminded me of our wedding vows. That was the best day of my life.” “I’ll never forget the time when you surprised me with that getaway trip.”

It doesn’t have to be as in-depth as dusting off the photo album or watching your 4-hour wedding video (although this would be a great date night in), but sharing a fond memory builds emotional intimacy.

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