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Is He Marriage Material? Signs Of A High Value Man and Why He’s Perfect For You

Is He Marriage Material

Before getting married to a man, or even when you are thinking of taking the plunge with someone, you need to first realize if that man is a high value man or not. If he is, then he is definitely marriage material, but in case he’s not, then maybe you need to take a step back.

We often as coaches deal with women who have made a lot of mistakes in past relationships, they are trying their best to become the best version of themselves and correct those past mistakes so they can be more successful in the future.

However often times these women will not scrutinize the type of men they are dating or are in relationships with, with the same microscope as themselves; this often leads to women getting stuck with guys who are not high-value and therefore not an adequate match for them.

So What Are The Signs That A Man Is High Value?

In order for a high-value woman to be truly fulfilled and happy in a relationship, she needs to be with a high-value man, this is because like attracts like. If you are behaving high value in a relationship, but things still feel like a complete struggle and your partner’s behavior isn’t meeting the amazing standards that you have (and should) be setting for yourself, it could be because he himself is not high value.

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One of the main qualities of a high-value man is, he has ambition and goals and instead of simply talking about how he wants to accomplish these goals and accomplish big things in life, he is actually putting wheels into motion and doing it. He is showing with actions and not just words that he has dreams he is going after.

Now, these goals can be financial or running a marathon he’s always wanted to run or learn a new language. The key is that he wants to constantly strive in life, not stay in one place, and is constantly working on himself to be the best version of himself.

In addition to striving to bring out the best in himself, just like a high-value woman he needs to also learn to master and control his emotions. If he has anger issues, if he becomes enraged and abusive towards you or others and is quick to flip the anger switch, then he is not a man of high value. Emotional control is a key feature that all quality men must-have.

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Is He Marriage Material? Signs Of A High Value Man and Why He's Perfect For You

He understands that rather than starting an argument it is better for him to walk away, he also understands that he needs to think before he acts and can’t lead with his emotions. If he does have an emotional outburst he apologizes and makes sure he doesn’t repeat the mistake over and over again.

In addition, a high-value man also doesn’t have addictions, not to drugs, porn, or harmful substances. He is in control of his life.

A high-value man should also be generous and kind, he should be honest and open to giving. He should respect you and treat you well but also in addition he should be respectful and kind to other people in your life and people he meets on a daily basis. He has manners and integrity. A man who is rude to you, your family, or even the waiter is not a guy that will be good for you in the long term if you are indeed a high-value woman.

He needs to have a direction in his life, a purpose, and to be constantly striving towards this. He also needs to be someone who treats you with respect and expects to be treated with respect in return. A high-value man will not tolerate disrespect and if he is with a woman with a bad attitude he will move on quickly; he also doesn’t settle.

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Just like a high-value woman he understands it’s better to be single than in a bad relationship just for the sake of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of man is found to be most attractive according to statistics?

Men who have a sense of humor, deep voice, love pets, sport a beard, socialize in groups, are nice to others, and are financially responsible, are found to be most desirable.

What can make a short guy attractive?

Well-fitted clothing, well-groomed hair, a good physique, wearing single shade colors, and proper accessories can make short men look more attractive.

What makes guys look more attractive than they are?

Some suggest men who look older than their age, appear to have a high status, grow beards, remain well-groomed, and treat everyone kindly are considered to be attractive.

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Is He Marriage Material? Signs Of A High Value Man and Why He's Perfect For You

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