8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!


Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Transform Your Life!

Are you trying to bring luck and good fortune into your life? Then you must learn about these eight Chinese good luck symbols widely used in the oriental culture.

Steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, China offers a treasure trove of esoteric knowledge, whether it’s Feng Shui, holistic healing, or other mystic practices like symbols that are believed to attract good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

For centuries, these symbols have adorned jewelry, architecture, clothing, and art, permeating daily life and rituals. Let’s journey into the heart of China and unravel the mystique of some of the Chinese good luck symbols and meanings attached to them.

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8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols

Here are the most popular Chinese good luck symbols and meanings

1. Dragon (龙 – Lóng)

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Dragons in Chinese culture differ greatly from their Western counterparts. Instead of menacing, fire-breathing creatures, Chinese dragons are seen as benevolent, wise, and protective.

They are believed to bring good luck, strength, and positive energy. Often depicted amidst clouds or along with water, these celestial beings symbolize imperial authority and the power of transformation.

2. Phoenix (凤凰 – Fèng Huáng)

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

If the dragon is the king, the phoenix is undoubtedly the queen. Often associated with the Empress in ancient China, the phoenix symbolizes high virtue, grace, and rebirth. When paired with the dragon, it embodies the harmonious yin and yang, representing a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Mulan (1998 & 2020)

The dragon, Mushu, plays a significant role as a guardian and helper to the protagonist, Mulan. The movie is replete with Chinese symbols, cultural elements, and the phoenix, particularly in the 2020 live-action version, which serves as a protector and guide for Mulan.

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

3. Fu (福)

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Literally translating to “good luck” or “blessings”, the character ‘Fu’ is a popular emblem during the Lunar New Year. It’s commonly seen displayed on doors or walls. Interestingly, some hang it upside-down.

Why? Because the word for “upside-down” (倒 – dào) sounds like “to arrive” in Chinese, implying that fortune is arriving!

4. Double Fish (双鱼)

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Fish, particularly koi fish or goldfish, signify abundance and prosperity. The reason lies in a linguistic pun: the word for fish (鱼 – yú) sounds like the word for “surplus”. A pair of fish symbolizes a surplus year after year, hinting at enduring prosperity.

5. Bat (蝠 – Fú)

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Bats might be associated with darkness or superstition in some cultures, but in China, they’re all about blessings. This is again due to linguistic reasons: the word for bat sounds very similar to the word for good fortune (福). Bats are often depicted in art, especially alongside peaches, which represent longevity.

6. Lucky Bamboo

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Contrary to its name, lucky bamboo isn’t technically bamboo at all, but it holds significant importance in Chinese feng shui. The number of stalks in a lucky bamboo arrangement has different meanings: three for happiness, five for wealth, and seven for health, just to name a few.

7. Endless Knot (无尽结)

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

The endless knot is a complex design of looped intertwined lines without a clear start or end. This intricate pattern represents the interplay of various cosmic forces, symbolizing life’s interconnectedness, longevity, and eternal harmony.

8. Lucky Coins

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Often tied with a red ribbon, Chinese lucky coins are round with a square hole in the center. These coins are believed to protect against negativity and bring wealth. They are frequently used in feng shui, placed in homes, and businesses, or even carried as talismans.

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Infusing Life with Luck

While these Chinese good luck symbols offer a fascinating glimpse into China’s cultural and historical landscape, they also emphasize universal desires and hopes—prosperity, balance, longevity, and happiness.

Chinese good luck symbols
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

Whether you believe in their mystical power or simply appreciate their aesthetic and historical value, these symbols serve as captivating reminders of the rich tapestry of human beliefs and traditions.

So, the next time you see a dragon dancing in a parade or a ‘Fu’ character hanging on a wall, take a moment to reflect on its deeper meaning and the centuries-old tales it carries with it.

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Those were the most popular Chinese good luck symbols and meanings associated with them. We hope this blog on the Chinese good luck symbols will help you unlock great abundance and fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chinese symbol for good luck?

The Chinese use several symbols that they believe bring protection and good fortune. Among these, the Dragon, Phoenix, Bat, Lucky Bamboo, the character “Fu”, and the double fish, are notable.

What is the most powerful Chinese symbol?

The Dragon is the most revered symbol in Chinese culture which stands for power, protection, and good luck.

What is the luckiest Chinese number?

The numbers 2,3,6, and 8 are believed to be lucky in Chinese culture.

Chinese good luck symbols and meanings
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!
Chinese good luck symbols and meanings
8 Chinese Good Luck Symbols That Might Just Change Your Fortune!

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